Severn Valley Railway Turns into a Virtual Film Set and Repair’s Duke’s Private Steam Locomotive

Published 12th March 2012

Filming at Victoria Bridge Not at all Elementary

BRIDGNORTH - The Warner Brothers film 'Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows' released in December features a sequence where Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr) pushes Dr. Watson’s (Jude Law) new wife Mary (Kelly Reilly) from a steam train as it crosses the Severn Valley Railway’s Victoria Bridge.

It has now been revealed that when the footage was shot in October 2010 no steam train, or actors, were at the location, nor was a dummy thrown into the River Severn. All filming was undertaken by a camera on a crane jib mounted on a flat wagon pushed across the bridge by a diesel to obtain mid-air views of the bridge. Everything else, including the train and the ‘lady plunging into the river’, was created digitally in the studio.

Another film contract at the SVR saw its Kidderminster Town terminus became ‘Folkestone’ with trains departing ‘for Dover’ in February. The railway was a film location for scenes being shot for a five-part BBC2 drama series 'Dancing on the Edge' to be screened this autumn. The SVR provided a seven-coach set of 1920s/1930s LNER teak-bodied carriages hauled by Stanier Mogul No. 42968 for the production.

SVR to Overhaul Dunrobin Boiler

The Severn Valley Railway has been contracted to overhaul the boiler of Beamish Museum’s Sharp Stewart 0-4-4T Dunrobin. The work will commence immediately and take 18-24 months.

After Dunrobin was repatriated from Canada by Beamish last year, it was taken to the SVR’s Bridgnorth works for stripping and assessment. In addition to defining the required amount of boiler work, this survey confirmed the bottom end requires a heavy overhaul and the frames need attention as does the platework. The unwelcome surprise uncovered was the poor condition of the cylinder block. A new block may well need to be produced.

A decision on the mechanical overhaul will be made when finance is available, although some work could be undertaken in a new Regional Heritage Engineering Centre to be developed at Beamish.

Renovation of The Duke of Sutherland’s four-wheel private saloon No. 58A, repatriated with Dunrobin, is being undertaken at Beamish.

Tyre Wear and Steam Leaks at Moors Line Nearly Hits Severn Valley Gala!

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway is investigating why excessive wear occurred on the new tyres fitted to its overhauled 4MT 4-6-0 No. 75029. Running in trips for the loco between Grosmont and Goathland were suspended when the problem was discovered.

Other heritage lines, the West Somerset and Dean Forest Railways being primary examples, have encountered excessive tyre wear on locos and stock in recent years resulting in extensive work to correct the rail/wheel interface. The NYMR does not believe it has an extensive problem but is taking steps to manage the situation, with rail grinding by hand a possibility.

No. 75029 was soon back in action, hauling its first post-overhaul passenger service on March 18 when it stood in for J72 No. 69023 Joem working the Grosmont – Goathland steam-worked shuttle element of the NYMR’s branch line weekend. The J72, which had worked the previous day’s service, was withdrawn to enable investigation of a front end steam leak. This turned out to be emanating from the joint between the two halves of the cylinder block. A specialist modern repair solution has been employed, involving drilling and tapping a series of holes followed by injecting a sealant into the joint face. The loco was largely reassembled by the end of February enabling Joem to make its planned visit to the Severn Valley Railway’s spring gala.


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