Notable Workings Weeks 17 and 18, 2012

Published 19th June 2012

April 23rd

UK - DRS Type 3 No. 37409 'Lord Hinton' hauled inspection saloon 'Caroline' empty from Derby to Peterborough to work a Peterborough to King's Cross round trip via Hertford North.

An intermodal working from Ipswich to Hams Hall, Birmingham, was unusually triple-headed by royal Class 67s Nos. 67026 'Diamond Jubilee' and 67006 'Royal Sovereign' plus No. 66183.

Class 56s Nos. 56311 and 56312 worked a scrap metal train from Shipley, West Yorkshire, to Cardiff Tidal - the train recessing for more than six hours just to the north of the Lickey incline in Worcestershire due to an engineering possession there.

Electro-diesel No. 73204 hauled preserved 4-VEP EMU No. 3417 from the Bluebell Railway at East Grinstead to Clapham Yard via Herne Hill.

Class 92 No. 92011 was removed from a Daventry to Glasgow Mossend Intermodal train at Crewe, and was unusually replaced by a pair of Class 90s Nos. 90028 and 90021.

Day three of the Great Britain V tour saw one portion work from Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh and back behind Black 5 No. 45305 and the other from Fort William to Mallaig and back behind No. 61994 'The Great Marquess'.

April 24th

Grand Central HST power cars Nos. 43468 and 43423 took two Mk 3 coaches from Newcastle Heaton to Crewe via the Tyne Valley and West Coast main line.

Newly-overhauled Class 60 No. 60015 was out on a short test run from Toton to Beeston, working back with 66172 and an engineers' train.

DBS No. 66108 was very unusual traction for an empty stock move from West Coast Railway's Southall depot to Bo'ness near Falkirk for the Scottish Railway Preservation Society.

A Class 70 caught fire for the second time this month while working a freightliner to Southampton. No. 70007 got into trouble on the approach to Basingstoke from Crewe via Reading, blocking the line until dealt with by the fire brigade. The loco and train were rescued by No. 66533.

Day four of the Great Britain V tour had both halves work back to Glasgow to rejoin, with No. 46115 'Scots Guardsman' running up the Highland main line from Inverness and No. 61994 'The Great Marquess' from Fort William.

April 25th

This week's delivery of S-stock for London Underground left Old Dalby for Neasden top-and-tailed by pairs of Class 20s Nos. 20901 and 20905 and Nos. 20142 and 20227.

West Coast Railway's Nos. 37516 and 37706 ran light engine from Carnforth to the East Lancashire Railway, returning later top-and-tailing Black 5 No. 45231.

The nuclear flask working from Crewe to Sizewell, Suffolk, comprised four flask wagons rather than the usual one or two. DRS Type 3s Nos. 37423 and 37604 provided the power.

Day five of the The Great Britain V took it from Barnhill on the outskirts of Glasgow to Stranraer, double-headed by Black 5s Nos. 45305 and 45407.

April 26th

Today's Cruise Saver Express from Edinburgh to Southampton got into trouble when top-and-tail Class 47s Nos. 47818 and 47841 failed south of Leeds. The train was rescued by Freightliner No. 66520, which took it forward to Derby where DRS Nos. 37601 and 37409 took over around four hours late.

The royal train took the Queen and Prince Philip to Cardiff as part of her Jubilee tour of South Wales, with top-and-tail power provided by Nos. 67006 'Royal Sovereign' and 67026 'Diamond Jubilee'.

Bulleid light pacific No. 34067 'Tangmere' ran with its support coach from Carnforth to Bristol Barton Hill via Crewe, Shrewsbury and the Marches line.

Day six of Great Britain V saw the train again hauled by No. 46233 'Duchess of Sutherland', this time from Barnhill near Glasgow to Preston via Dumfries and Settle.

April 27th

First Great Western power cars Nos. 43168 and 43025 worked back to back on a test run from Plymouth Laira to Newton Abbot and back.

Pacer DMU No. 142091 hit a landslip near Clarborough Tunnel, to the east of Retford, and suffered front end damaged.

Day seven of Great Britain V involved a run from Preston to Bristol Temple Meads via Crewe and Hereford with BR standard No. 70013 'Oliver Cromwell' in charge. Coincidentally, Freightliner's diesel No. 70013 was also working in the Bristol area to Portbury.

Another steam tour out today was UK Railtours' The Royal Wessex from Victoria to the Swanage Railway, hauled by Merchant Navy No. 35028 'Clan Line'.

April 28th

Stored Class 60s Nos. 60100 and 60044 left Toton sandwiched between Nos. 66001 and 66098 at the head of a Tees Yard to Newport freight. The 60s were being moved to free up space at Toton.

Ten Class 66s ran in convoy from Margam to Eastleigh via Swindon: Nos. 66124, 66013, 66141, 66160, 66101, 66145, 66151, 66060, 66105 and 66198

Fire-damaged Class 70 No. 70007 was dragged north to Crewe in the consist of a Southampton to Garston Freightliner by sister loco No. 70008. The errant 70 was later taken to Leeds Midland Road sandwiched between Nos. 66542 and 66543.

The penultimate day of Great Britain V was a run from Bristol Temple Meads to Penzance, double-headed by Battle of Britain Class No. 34067 'Tangmere' and Britannia Class No. 70013 'Oliver Cromwell'. Diesel No. 47760 worked the train back to Bristol.

Later ex-GWR Castle No. 5043 'Earl of Mount Edgcumbe' left Bristol with the Plymouth and back legs of Vintage Trains' Cornishman tour from Tyseley.

At the other end of the country Royal Scot Class No. 46115 'Scots Guardsman' hauled two separate trips around the Fife Circle for the Scottish Railway Preservation Society.

April 29th

DRS Nos. 37259 and 37604 top-and-tailed a Sunday Network Rail test train (1Q13) from Derby RTC to Didcot.

The VSOE returned to Victoria after a trip to Cornwall behind Nos. 67005 'Queen's Messenger' and 67027 double-headed.

The nine-day Great Britain V came to an end with the final leg from Bristol Temple Meads to Paddington via Gloucester with Castle Class No. 5043 'Earl of Mount Edgcumbe' in charge.

April 30th

This week's delivery of London Underground S-stock left Old Dalby for Neasden with the now usual pairs of Class 20s top-and-tail: Nos. 20142+20227 and 20901+20905. Meanwhile some withdrawn A-stock was spotted heading north on the M1 for scrapping in Booth's Rotherham.

West Coast Railway's Type 4 No. 47760 powered an empty stock move from Southall to Carnforth via Nuneaton.

Greater Anglia Class 90 No. 90009 was named 'Diamond Jubilee' in a ceremony at Norwich. The loco features white cab roofs and a union jack on the bodysides - and becomes the second loco to carry the name along with DBS No. 67026.

May 1st

The irregular Crewe to Plymouth Dockyard nuclear flask working ran today, hauled by Type 1s Nos. 20303 and 20312 with one flask wagon and two support coaches.

The royal train took the Queen and Prince Philip to Sherbourne, Dorset, on the next leg of her diamond jubilee tour. Class 67s Nos. 67006 'Royal Sovereign' and 67026 'Diamond Jubilee' provided the top-and-tail power.

GBRf Class 66 No. 66723 hauled off-lease EMU No. 317723 from Ilford to Eastleigh Works for storage.

May 2nd

DRS Type 3 No. 37087 hauled Type 4s Nos. 47501 and 47839 from Crewe to Eastleigh Works. No. 47839 is for repair, while 47501 is withdrawn and will be used to donate parts to the rest of the fleet.

Today's Cruise Save Express from Edinburgh to Southampton Docks was double-headed by Type 3s Nos. 37608 and 37601 with Type 4 No. 47810 at the rear. Meanwhile the VSOE ran from Victoria to Southampton Airport Parkway, top-and-tail with Nos. 67029 'Royal Sovereign' and 67005 'Queen's Messenger'.

For the second day running GBRf No. 66723 hauled an off-lease Class 317 EMU from Ilford to Eastleigh, this time No. 317709.

May 3rd

Class 37 No. 37087 hauled DVT no. 82136 from Wolverton Works to Norwich Crown Point depot via the North London line.

West Coast Railway's Type 3 No. 37706 ran light engine from Carnforth to Crewe to collect yellow-liveried electric No. 86424 and take it to Long Marston, Warwickshire.

Eight more Pendolino coaches for the lengthening programme were brought through the Channel Tunnel by No. 92043 and taken forward to Manchester Longsight by No. 66745.

May 4th

Another delivery of London Underground S-stock left Old Dalby for Neasden with the regular Class 20s top-and-tail: Nos. 20142+20227 and 20901+20905.

The Northern Belle from Warrington Bank Quay to Helensburgh, north Clydeside, had Class 47s Nos. 47832 and 47790 top-and-tail.

The SRPS's rake of coaches was hauled empty from Southall, London, to Bo'ness near Falkirk by DBS No. 67025.

May 5th

Former Western region loco No. Class 47500 headed the Railway Touring Company's Royal Duchy charter from Paddington to Penzance. The return was hauled as far as Bristol Temple Meads by steam locos Nos. 34067 'Tangmere' and 70013 'Oliver Cromwell'.

A Pathfinder tour from Crewe to Eastleigh and Southampton Docks was double-headed by Class 20s Nos. 20312 and 20308 with No. 37409 'Lord Hinton' at the rear.

Three tours headed for the North Wales coast line. Class 47s Nos. 47580 'County of Essex' and 47851 top-and-tailed a Nenta special from Norwich to Holyhead; Nos. 57601 and 47804 were at either end of a Swindon to Llandudno Statesman working; and ex-GWR steam locos Nos. 4965 'Rood Ashton Hall' and 5043 'Earl of Mount Edgcumbe' double-headed a trip from Tyseley to Llandudno - with the locos running to the Valley triangle on Anglesey for turning. These tours were in addition to the regular loco-hauled Pendolino drag from Crewe to Holyhead, today formed of Class 57 No. 57314 and 390025

May 6th

Closure of the West Coast main line south of Nuneaton for engineering work saw Virgin Trains run replacement services formed of pairs of Voyagers between Birmingham and Nuneaton to Euston via Coventry, Banbury and High Wycombe. The Mk3 set was also used, top-and-tailed by locos Nos. 57308 and 57315.


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