Notable Workings Week 47, 2012

Published 10th December 2012

Rare and unusual happenings on the network for November 19 to 25.


November 19

Type 3 No. 33207 ran light engine from Bodmin Parkway to Southall (oZ38) after assisting with the steam railmotor workings along the Looe branch at the weekend.

The Washwood Heath to Boston empty steel working (6E07) was double-headed by Colas Nos. 56302 and 47739. Meanwhile No. 56087 ran light engine from Cardiff Tidal to Washwood Heath (0Z87).

The Willesden to Aylesbury Vale RHTT working was top-and-tailed by DBS Class 66 Nos. 66001 and 66019.

Turkish-built Class 70 No. 70099 was still at Brush Loughborough, although it was outside with engines running today. The loco is said to be heading for trials with GBRf on coal trains in the Doncaster area.

Class 90 No. 90015 failed while propelling the 16.00 Liverpool Street to Norwich (1P42) and was recused by the Colchester Thunderbird No. 47802.

November 20

Class 20s Nos. 20301 and 20304 were on RHTT duties around the Sheffield area (3S13, 3S14), taking in Barnsley, Wakefield Kirkgate, Rotherham, Worksop and Deepcar before heading off to their base at York Works via Selby, Hull and Goole.

West Coast Railway's Nos. 47804 and 57601 top-and-tailed the White Rose Festive Scotsman charter from Stoke-on-Trent to Edinburgh via York.

DRS No. 57304 hauled a rake of seven Mk2 coaches from Barrow Hill to Crewe via Derby (5Z32).

A Southampton to Leeds freightliner (4E76) was triple-headed by Nos. 66501, 66590 and 66563.

Electro-diesels Nos. 73141 and 73206 top-and-tailed a Network Rail test train (1Q13) in the Sussex and Kent areas, noted in Hastings in the late morning.

Freightliner green-liveried No. 90016 slipped to a halt climbing Brentwood bank in Essex while hauling a Crewe to Felixstowe container train (4L41). It was assisted by unknown locomotives on a RHTT in the area, arriving into Ipswich more than two hours late.

Newly lengthened to 11 carriages, renumbered Pendolino No. 390104 was on test from Edge Hill (Liverpool) to Euston and back (1T50).

November 21

Type 2 No. 33207 was used to move two coaches from West Coast Railway's Southall base to Eastleigh via Reading (5Z33). Later Type 4 No. 47786 'Roy Castle OBE' headed 47245, 37516 and a Mk1 utility van from Southall to Carnforth via Oxford and Nuneaton (5Z47).

Deltic No. 55002 'The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry' hauled streamlined Coronation Class steam loco No. 6229 'Duchess of Hamilton' and two barrier vehicles from the NRM York to the NRM Shildon. The move helps to free up space in York for the cosmetic restoration of A4 No. 60008 'Dwight D Eisenhower'.

Heavy rain led to flooding on main lines in parts of the country. Crick tunnel near Northampton was closed meaning no trains could run north of the town, while East Midlands Trains were diverted via Toton as the Derby to Chesterfield line was closed. Later both the up and down Penzance sleeper (1A40/1C99) were cancelled due to rain-related problems in Cornwall.

November 22

A nuclear flask working from Bridgwater (Somerset) to Crewe was powered by Type 3 Nos. 37038 and 37606 with 37667 dead-in-tow (6M67).

DRS Type 4 No. 47501 hauled a rake of seven coaches from Crewe to Eastleigh Works via Milton Keynes and Woking (5Z30) for overhaul.

Main line registered Class 52 No. D1015 'Western Champion' ran light engine after overhaul from Tyseley to Old Oak Common via the West Coast main line (0Z52).

Three Class 56 locos found themselves stabled next to each other at Cardiff Central: Nos. 56094, 56311 and 56303 were all between turns.

RHTT duties on the Settle & Carlisle line from Kingmoor were powered top-and-tail by DRS Nos. 66421 and 66301 (3J11).

The royal train ran from Bristol Temple Meads to London top-and-tailed by Nos. 67026 'Diamond Jubilee' and 67006 'Royal Sovereign'. The train carried the Queen and Prince Philip after a visit to the city as part of her Jubilee year tour.

Former Gatwick Express EMU No. 460007 ran from store at Stewarts Lane to Ashford via Bromley South (5Z60).

November 23

Type 1s Nos. 20901+20905 and 20311+30314 top-and-tailed a delivery of S Stock from Derby to Old Dalby via Melton Mowbray (7X23).

Class 57s Nos. 57003 and 57008 top-and-tailed a RHTT working from Stowmarket to Clacton, Ipswich, Ely and Norwich (3S60).

BR Standard Class 7 No. 70000 'Britannia' ran with a support coach from Southall to Bristol Temple Meads (5Z23) for tour duties at the weekend.

November 24

The Euston to Holyhead Pendolino working (1D83) saw No. 390045 hauled from Crewe by Class 57 No. 57314. Classmate No. 57309 'Brains' had been booked but failed before departure.

First Great Western No. 57602 'Restormel Castle' hauled the Night Riviera sleeper stock empty from Penzance to Plymouth Laira (5Z10). The London-bound sleeper on November 25 would start from Plymouth because of engineering works blocking the line in Cornwall.

An eight loco convoy ran from Alexandra Dock Junction, near Newport, to Bescot (0X98) comprising Nos. 66150, 66095, 66186, 66131, 66082, 66089, 66030 and 60063. Meanwhile five locos - Nos. 66035, 66091, 66144, 66018, 66120 - ran light engine from Bescot to Carlisle (0C19).

Blue-liveried A1 Class No. 60163 'Tornado' hauled a Cathedrals Express charter from Paddington to Shrewsbury and back via Ludlow (1Z27). Also heading to Shrewsbury was BR Standard No. 70000 'Britannia' with the Yuletide Borderer from Reading, which was diesel hauled as far as Bristol Temple Meads (1Z23).

A4 No. 60009 'Union of South Africa' hauled the York to King's Cross leg of The Tynesider charter from Newcastle to the capital (1Z50).

Preserved DEMU No. 1001 formed a railtour from Hastings to London Blackfriars, Ashford and Dungeness (1Z22).

November 25

The Oxley to Euston empty Pendolino drag saw No. 57315 hauling No. 390008 via Birmingham New Street (5A16).

Class 66s Nos. 66188, 66082, 66089, 66014, 66007, 66132, 66152 ran light engine from Bescot to Margam, South Wales (0X66).

Mail unit No. 325003 was hauled from Crewe to Toton (5Z19) by DBS Type 5 No. 67019 for tyre turning.

DCR Type 5 No. 56312 headed A1 No. 60163 'Tornado' from Southall to Didcot Railway Centre (5Z63). The A1 was visiting to show off its new blue livery.


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