Notable Workings Week 46, 2012

Published 3rd December 2012

Rare and unusual happenings on the network for November 12 to 18.


November 12

RHTT duties in the South Humberside/North Lincolnshire region (3S14) were handled top-and-tail by Type 1s Nos. 20303 and 20312. Meanwhile in Cornwall, a RHTT set top-and-tailed by DBS Nos. 66011 and 66094 reached Penzance in the evening.

Class 31 No. 31459 headed No. 37259, two Network Rail test train vehicles and No. 37423 from Hither Green (south London) to Derby RTC via the Midland main line (5Z06).

Type 3 No. 37518 'Fort William' hauled sister loco No. 37075 from the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway to Ardwick depot (Manchester) for tyre turning. The pair returned on November 15.

DCR Type 5 No. 56303 ran light engine from Derby to Wymondham and on to the Mid-Norfolk Railway as far as Dereham. It later returned hauling a rake of stored coaches, running via Norwich due to a points problem at Wymondham.

November 13

The New Measurement Train ran from Derby RTC to Falkirk Yard near Ayr (1Q26) with power cars Nos. 43014 and 43062.

Class 56 No. 56311 worked a rake of loaded bogie box wagons from Cardiff Tidal to Chaddesden (Derby) via the Lickey incline.

The High Output Ballast Cleaner (HOBC) track maintenance train was top-and-tailed from Carlisle to Thirsk (6X95) by Nos. 66175 and 66143.

Silver-liveried Class 67 No. 67029 'Royal Diamond' and DBS classmate No. 67022 double-headed a rake of cargo wagons from Wembley to Daventry (6B41) returning later with the Tesco bottled water working to Wembley (6A42). In the evening the pair was joined by royal-liveried No. 67006 'Royal Sovereign' to work the empty wagons to Dollands Moor (6D71).

Network Rail DMU No. 950001 was in Blackpool after arriving on a test train working from Derby RTC (2Q88).

November 14

Freightliner No. 66550 failed blocking the West Coast main line near Euxton, south of Preston, while working from Killoch Colliery to Rugeley power station (6M88). Rescue came in the form of No. 70011, but not before several passenger services were diverted via Bolton and Manchester.

The final delivery of four new coaches for the Pendolino extension project was hauled from Dollands Moor to Manchester Longsight via Kensington Olympia and Northampton (6X39) by Colas No. 66846.

Class 56 No. 56087 took a rake of empty log wagons from Chirk (near Wrexham) to Teigngrace (near Newton Abbot) via Hereford on the Marches line.

An empty stone wagon working from Oxford to Whatley Quarry (Somerset) was unusually headed by DBS Class 60 No. 60015 (7C52).

Electro-diesels Nos. 73210 and 73138 top-and-tailed a Network Rail test train back from Hither green to Derby RTC via the Midland main line (1Z21).

November 15

Europe-bound Class 66 Nos. 66029 and 66033 were taken from Wembley to Dollands Moor sandwiched between electrics Nos. 92019 and 92003 (0B37).

The HOBC ran from Carlisle to Thirsk again today (see November 13), this time top-and-tailed by Nos. 66143 and 66107.

The royal train was at Crewe in the early afternoon before heading south behind claret-liveried No. 67005 'Queen's Messenger'.

Freightliner Class 70 No. 70001 failed at Wallers Ash near Winchester while working a container train (4V50) from Southampton to Wentloog (Newport, South Wales) via Didcot. It was rescued by sister loco No. 70007 from Southampton, which then worked the whole train forward.

The 14.15 Paignton to Paddington (1A87) was worked as far as Exeter St Davids by DMU No. 143611 where it was replaced by a HST set with power cars Nos. 43133 and 43137. This was because the outward working from London was heavily delayed and so stopped short at Exeter.

November 16

RHTT workings around the north Midlands from Toton (3J87) were powered top-and-tail by Nos. 66042 and 66072.

DCR class 31 No. 31601 hauled classmate No. 31452 and Type 4 No. 47375 from the Nemesis depot at Burton-on-Trent to Meldon Quarry on the Dartmoor Railway in Devon.

The weekly passenger run for Virgin's Mk 3 set, the 18.43 Euston to Crewe via Birmingham New Street (1K39), was hauled by Freightliner No. 90045. The stock was later hauled back empty to Wembley by diesel No. 57315 (5A39).

London Midland railcar No. 153364 ran from Tyseley to Wolverton Railcare via Rugby for refurbishment work (5Z54).

Ex-LMS Princess Royal Class No. 46201 'Princess Elizabeth' ran with its support coach from Tyseley to Carnforth via Crewe (0Z34).

November 17

The empty stock of the overnight Penzance sleeper was hauled from Paddington to Old Oak Common by shunter No. 08836 with train loco No. 57602 'Restormel Castle' at the rear (5A40).

First Great Western HST power cars Nos. 43087 and 43025 worked back-to-back from Plymouth Laira to Old Oak Common (0Z70). Meanwhile Nos. 43161 and 43192 ran with one coach in the opposite direction.

West Coast Railways Class 47s Nos. 47237 and 47270 top-and-tailed five coaches from Carnforth to Ardwick depot, Manchester, for tyre turning (5Z47).

Vintage Trains' Cumbrian Mountaineer charter ran from Tyseley to Carnforth behind type 4 No. 47773 where Princess Royal Class No. 46201 'Princess Elizabeth' took over for the run to Carlisle via Shap then back to Crewe via Settle (1Z90).

GBRF Type 5 No. 66710 hauled refurbished EMUs Nos. 466015 and 466009 from Tonbridge Yard to Slade Green on the last leg of their journey back from Doncaster Works (5X47). Later it left Slade Green hauling Nos. 466043 and 466036 to Doncaster via the East Coast main line (5X89).

Network Rail Type 3s Nos. 97303 and 97304 top-and-tailed the RHTT from Crewe to Holyhead and back along the North Wales coast line (3S71).

The Capital Christmas Express railtour from Weymouth to Waterloo (1Z92) came to a halt after leaving Poole when train loco No. 34067 'Tangmere' slipped on the climb of Parkstone bank. It was stuck for an hour until rescued from the rear by Class 47 No. 47786 'Roy Castle OBE', which stayed on to London.

November 18

Virgin Thunderbird No. 57308 'Tin Tin' hauled Pendolino No. 390011 empty from Ocxley depot, Wolverhampton, to Euston via Birmingham New Street (5A16).

Preserved steam railmotor No. 93 was doing its second of two Sundays working five return trips between Liskeard and Looe in Cornwall - there being no normal services on the branch today.

Type 4s Nos. 47813 and 47805 double-headed a Cruisesaver Express from Glasgow Central to Southampton via Preston and Oxford (1Z89). However, 47813 failed and was replaced at Carlisle by No. 47818 from the rear of the train. A further problem with 47805 saw both train locos swapped at Crewe for Nos. 47832 and 47853 with the train going forward more than 100 minutes late.


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