Notable Workings Week 43, 2012

Published 6th November 2012

Rare and unusual happenings on the network for October 22 to 29.

UK wide

October 22

Type 2 No. 31601 hauled ex-LNER B1 No. 61306 'Mayflower' from the East Lancashire Railway to Washwood Heath via Wakefield Kirkgate and Chesterfield (0Z34) after the ELR's weekend autumn steam gala.

Pathfinder Tours' 'Spectacular Snowdownian' charter from Swindon to Holyead via Cheltenham and Stafford (1Z53) was top-and-tailed by Class 47s Nos. 47802 and 47501.

Type 5 No. 56094 hauled a rake of former First Great Western Motorail vans from Cardiff Canton to Rugby.

DBS No. 66004 was derailed at the south end of Bescot Yard when the track spread under one of its bogies.

Class 90 No. 90014 transferred three Mk3 coaches from Norwich Crown Point to llford for tyre turning (5V91).

October 23

Class 20s Nos. 20096+20107 and 20905+20901 top-and-tailed a set of London Underground S-Stock from Neasden to Derby (7X10). The S-Stock was being returned to Bombardier for modification work.

RHTT duties in the Carlisle area included No. 37608 top-and-tail with 37609 and No. 66422 with 66425.

Type 4 No. 47786 'Roy Castle OBE' hauled a rake of 15 Mk1 and Mk2 coaches empty from Carnforth to Southall (5Z00).

Arriva DVT No. 82308 and Class 67 No. 67001 ran together from Crewe to Shrewsbury via Stafford and the Oxley curve (5Z52).

Turkish-built Class 70 No. 70099, which arrived in Crewe last week, was transferred from Basford Hall to Brush Loughborough (0Z62) by Freightliner Type 5 No. 66504.

Electro-diesels Nos. 73119 and 73204 top-and-tailed a Network Rail test train (1Q13) from Tonbridge to the East Grinstead branch in West Sussex.

October 24

RHTT workings in the York area included No. 20302 top-and-tail with 20304, and 20308 with 20312.

Class 56 No. 56087 top-and-tailed a rake of six former Motorail vans with electric No. 86701 'Orion' from Rugby to Milton Keynes and back (4Z56/4Z86). The moves were test runs ahead of a new freight flow into London Euston.

Type 5 No. 56094 hauled a rake of empty log wagons from Chirk (near Wrexham) to Teigngrace (Devon) via the Welsh Marches line (6Z52).

Ex-SR Merchant Navy No. 35028 'Clan Line' powered the VSOE from Victoria to Bath and Bristol Temple Meads via Newbury (1Z91). Royal Class 67 No. 67005 'Queen's Messenger' was at the rear.

October 25

The New Measurement Train visited Weymouth today, working from there back to Old Oak Common via Basingstoke (1Q23) with power cars Nos. 43013 and 43014.

DCR Class 56 No. 56311 made a very rare appearance for the type in Norwich, working in with a loaded limestone train from Chaddesden (6Z25) ahead of running on to Dereham (Mid-Norfolk Railway) the following day.

The Royal Train headed south through Carlisle (1X01), top-and-tailed by Nos. 67029 'Royal Diamond' and 67026 'Diamond Jubilee'.

Type 5 No. 67021 hauled withdrawn Type 3s Nos. 37800 and 37884 from Dollands Moor to Wembley (0Z30). The 37s were formerly in use in Spain, but have returned to the UK for scrapping at Kingsbury near Tamworth.

Former Gatwick Express unit No. 460008 ran empty from storage at Bournemouth depot to Ashford, Kent, via Clapham Junction (5Z60).

October 26

West Coast Railway's No. 47786 'Roy Castle OBE' was used to haul Europhoenix Class 87s Nos. 87023 and 87017 from Willesden to Long Marston (0Z36) via Washwood Heath. The diesel returned to Willesden with Floyd-liveried No. 86217 (0Z87).

RHTT trips in the South Wales area from Margam were top-and-tailed by Nos. 66109 and 66039.

UK Railtours' charter from Euston to North Wales was double-headed by Class 67s Nos. 67021 and 67025. However No. 67025 was removed at Nuneaton with wheel flats and No. 67021 continuing alone. Classmate No. 67027 was added for the return trip from Bangor.

October 27

The Northern Belle ran from Doncaster to Edinburgh via Wakefield Westgate top-and-tailed by Nos. 47818 and 47832 (1Z30).

Virgin Thunderbird No. 57311 'Parker' hauled Pendolino No. 390010 north of Crewe on the through Euston to Holyhead service (1D83).

UK Railtours ran a charter from Finsbury Park to Boulby (1Z52) on the freight-only line from Saltburn, Teeside, with DBS No. 66176 providing the power.

A cruiseship charter from Southampton Docks to Glasgow Central (1Z23) for Barrhead Travel was hauled by DBS royal-liveried Class 67 No. 67006 'Royal Sovereign'.

Refurbished EMUs Nos. 466024 and 466028 arrived back at Slade Green depot, dragged by GBRf No. 66719 from Wolverton Works via Tonbridge (5X47).

A4 No. 60009 'Union of South Africa' headed The Hadrian charter from York to Carlisle via Durham and back via Settle (1Z60).

October 28

First Great Western power cars Nos. 43024 and 43187 worked back-to-back from Plymouth Laira to Old Oak Common depot (0Z70).

Arriva blue-liveried No. 57313 hauled Pendolino No. 390052 empty from Oxley sidings, near Wolverhampton, to Euston via Birmingham New Street (5A16).

Engineering works in the Charing Cross area saw works trains hauled in by electro-diesels Nos. 73141 and 73205.

Three vehicles from former Gatex unit No. 460008 were transferred by road from Ashford to Doncaster Works. The rest was to follow on at a later date.

RHTT duties from Crewe to Shrewsbury and Holyhead were worked top-and-tail by Network Rail Type 3s Nos. 97302 and 97303.


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