Notable Workings Week 40, 2012

Published 23rd October 2012

Rare and unusual happenings on the UK rail network for October 1 to 7.

UK Wide

October 1

Following the weekend's diesel gala at the Nene Valley Railway, visiting locos Nos. 56091, 50026 'Indomitable', D6700 (37119), 55002 'The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry', 47765 and 25279 were taken away in convoy by No. 56311 (0X56). The Class 25 was dropped off at the Great Central Railway (North) near Loughborough, then the 37 and 55 at York NRM where the remaining three stabled overnight.

Network Rail yellow-liveried No. 57301 ran light engine from Brush Loughborough to Tonbridge Yard via the Midland main line (0Z57).

Class 66 No. 66721 hauled EMU No. 365532 from Wolverton Works to Hornsey, north London, after overhaul (5E65).

Freightliner No. 70011 dragged stablemates Nos. 66597, 66957 and 66525 from Leeds Midland Road to Crewe Basford Hall (0Z25).

Ex-GWR Hall Class No. 4936 'Kinlet Hall' ran light engine (without a support coach) from Paignton on the Dartmouth Steam Railway to Bishops Lydeard on the West Somerset Railway (0Z36).

October 2

Type 2 No. 31190 was on light engine route learning duties from Bescot to Oxford and back via the Cotswold line (0Z31).

DCR Type 5 No. 56311 continued yesterday's move taking locos back from the Nene Valley Railway to their home bases. Starting from an overnight stop in York, the 56 hauled Nos. 56091 and 50026 'Indomitable' to Derby via Church Fenton.

Yellow-liveried Network Rail Class 57s Nos. 57306, 57310 and 57305 ran light engine from Eastleigh to Stowmarket, Suffolk, via the North London line (0Z35). They were followed down the Great Eastern main line by DRS No. 47810 dragging Nos. 57304 and 57309 from Crewe to Stowmarket (0Z47).

Britannia class steam loco No. 70013 'Oliver Cromwell' ran with its support coach from Barrow Hill to Southall via Sheffield, Toton, Corby and Hendon.

October 3

Class 47s Nos. 47828, 47802 and 47818 ran light engine from Crewe to Eastleigh (0Z48) via Nuneaton and Oxford.

DBS Type 5s Nos. 67026 'Diamond Jubilee' and 67029 'Royal Diamond' top-and-tailed Network Rail test train 1Q18 with the overhead line vehicle 'Mentor' from Falkland Yard (Ayr) to Crewe.

The VSOE ran from Victoria to York via the East Coast main line with No. 67028 in charge.

October 4

DRS Type 4 No. 47828 hauled a short rake of five Riviera Mk 1 coaches empty from Eastleigh to Crewe (5Z49). Meanwhile Nos. 47805 and 47853 double-headed a second rake of 12 Riviera Mk 1s from Wembley to Crewe.

A triple naming event at Euston saw DRS diesel No. 57302, Virgin Pendolino No. 390157 and London Midland EMU No. 350232 all named after Chad Varah, the founder of the Samaritans charity.

DRS Class 57s Nos. 57003, 57007, 57008 and 57002 hauled four pairs of railhead treatment train (RHTT) vehicles from York Wagon Works to Stowmarket (6Z30) in readiness for the autumn leaf season.

Nos. 57312, 57301 and 73208 ran together light engine from Tonbridge Yard to Eastleigh.

Type 5s Nos. 67026 'Diamond Jubilee' and 67029 'Royal Diamond' continued their run top-and-tailing Network Rail test train 1Q18 with overhead line vehicle 'Mentor', today running up the West Coast main line from Crewe to Euston via Northampton and return.

October 5

Statesman Rail's luxury train ran from Swindon to Fort William on the first of a three day charter to the Highlands (1Z47). Diesels Nos. 47826 and 47854 top-and-tailed the train.

DBS Type 5 No. 60011 was the unlikely choice for shunting duties at Hinksey Yard near Oxford. It replaced Class 66 No. 66017 which was needed for RHTT duties.

Privately owned electric No. 86259 'Les Ross' ran light engine from Willesden to Carnforth (0Z86) ahead of railtour use at the weekend.

The Fridays-only Euston to Crewe via Birmingham loco-hauled Mk 3 set had Freightliner No. 90047 in charge today (1K39).

Stranger to the West Coast main line, single-car unit No. 153323 ran from Wolverton Works via Nuneaton to its home depot at Tyseley after refurbishment (5Z53).

October 6

DBS No. 66067 hauled a joint Cheshire Cat/Pathfinder tour from Stratford-upon-Avon to Camarthen via the Central Wales line.

Class 86 No. 86259 'Les Ross' hauled The Caledonian railtour from Wolverhampton to Carlisle where steam loco No. 46233 'Duchess of Sutherland' took over to Stirling. The 'Duchess' hauled the return trip to Carnforth where it was swapped for the electric.

Two other steam tours saw No. 70013 'Oliver Cromwell' haul the Cotswold Venturer from Paddington to Worcester via Evesham and Kemble; while No. 60163 'Tornado' was on the Cathedrals Express from Southend to Canterbury.

Unique Heathrow Express-liveried EMU No. 360205, which normally only works the shuttle service between the airport's T1/3 and T4, was today working the Heathrow Connect stopping services to Paddington.

October 7

First Great Western power cars Nos. 43185 and 43196 ran back to back from Laira to Bristol St Philips Marsh (0Z74). Nos. 43125 and 43196 worked a balancing move in the opposite direction.

Thunderbird No. 57307 'Lady Penelope' hauled Pendolino No. 390005 empty from Oxley to Euston via Birmingham New Street (5A16).

11-car Pendolino No. 390132 failed in the Rugeley area while working south to Euston. It was later dragged empty from Rugby to Manchester Longsight by Thunderbird No. 57311.


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