Notable Workings Week 27, 2012

Published 23rd July 2012

July 2

Type 2 No. 31285 propelled a Network Rail test train (3Z68) from Derby RTC to Euston via Lichfield and the West Coast main line.

Class 37 No. 37419 hauled inspection coach 'Caroline' from Derby RTC to Oxford via Leamington Spa. Meanwhile sister loco No. 37425 hauled DVT No. 82139 from Norwich Crown Point to Wolverton Works, returning with Mk 3 standard class coach No. 12032.

West Coast Railway's Type 4 No. 47245 hauled a rake of empty stock from Bristol to Southall via Didcot.

A train of excavated soil from the Crossrail tunnelling was top-and-tailed from Paddington to Northfleet (Kent) by GBRf Nos. 66702 and 66708.

An unusual combination of electrics Nos. 90029 and 92011 headed an empty car carrier from Garston, Merseyside, to Dagenham.

July 3

Type 2s Nos. 31233 and 31601 top-and-tailed a Network Rail test train (1Q14) around south-east London from Hither Green depot.

Class 47s Nos. 47805 and 47802 top-and-tailed the Northern Belle train from Manchester Victoria to Kensington Olympia.

Blue-liveried No. 67001 ran with Arriva DVT No. 82306 from Cardiff to Gloucester and back on a crew training run.

Freightliner Class 70 No. 70001 was transferred by road from Brush Loughborough to the heritage Great Central Railway to undergo a series of tests.

July 4

Class 20s Nos. 20303 and 20304 were rostered to work the nuclear flask train from Crewe to Berkeley (Gloucestershire) and back.

Type 3 No. 33027 'Jim Martin' hauled Nos. 37275, 55002 'King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry' and 55009 'Alycidon' from York and Barrow Hill to the East Lancashire Railway for the weekend's diesel gala.

First Great Western HST power cars Nos. 43158 and 43098 ran back-to-back between Old Oak Common and Plymouth Laira depots.

West Coast Railway's No. 47760 hauled a Compasss Tours charter top-and-tail with former royal loco No.47798 'Prince William' from Blackpool to Ely and back.

Royal locos Nos. 67005 'Queen's Messenger' and 67006 'Royal Sovereign' very unusually were at either end of car carrier working from Wembley to Eastleigh.

The latest Pendolino lengthened to 11 coaches, No. 390124, ran a trial run from Euston to Edge Hill (Liverpool).

8F No. 48151 headed Statesman Rail's Fellsman from Lancaster to Carlisle and back via Preston and Settle.

July 5

Harry Needle Class 20s Nos. 20096 and 20314 ran light engine from Barrow Hill to Sheringham to collect Nos. 47596 and 55019 'Royal Highland Fusilier' from the North Norfolk Railway. The 47 was taken to the nearby Mid-Norfolk Railway and the Deltic back to Barrow Hill.

A Network Rail test train (1Q13) arrived at Plymouth from Derby RTC powered top-and-tail by Nos. 37409 'Lord Hinton' and 37682.

Type 4s Nos. 47790 and 47805 top-and-tailed the Northern Belle from Liverpool to Kensington Olympia via Birmingham Olympia, stabling at Stewarts Lane depot before the return.

Electro-diesels Nos. 73141 and 73208 top-and-tailed a short engineer's train with 66722 from Grain (Kent) to Ferme Park (north London). The EDs then worked back light engine to Tonbridge.

Class 91s Nos. 91103 and 91120 were both at the rear of the 07.15 Leeds to King's Cross.

Ex-LNER A4 No. 60019 'Bittern' hauled a Lewes-Oxford Cathedrals Express north of Willesden. DBS No. 66132 worked the other legs.

July 6

First Great Western power cars Nos. 43086 and 43161 ran with one coach on a test run from Old Oak Common to Maidenhead and back.

Network Rail No. 57310 and GBRf No. 66744 ran light engine from Tonbridge to Southampton Western Docks to collect privately-owned Type 3 No. 33012 and transport it top-and-tail to Eastleigh Works.

The Fridays-only 18.43 Euston-Crewe loco-hauled working had Freightliner No. 90048 in charge today.

EMU No. 313049 worked empty from Wolverton Works to Hornsey (north London), the last of the First Capital Connection batch to be refurbished. Later Adelante No. 180106 left the Works for Old Oak Common after refurbishment for First Great Western.

July 7

A Cheshire Cat charter featured Type 1 power in the form of DRS Nos. 20308 and 20309 from Stratford-upon-Avon to Carlisle - out via Settle and back via the Cumbrian Coast line. No. 20308 failed on the return, so the pair was replaced at Crewe by No. 57002.

Spitfire Railtours 'Prisoner' charter was worked from Leeds to Shrewsbury by Nos. 37676 and 37685 where Network Rail's Nos. 97304 and 97302 took over for the run to Aberystwyth. The return was diverted between Shrewsbury and Crewe via the Oxley chord (near Wolverhampton) due to flooding on the direct route.

DRS No. 47828 was in charge of today's Great Yarmouth to Norwich drags for the through London services. On the other side of the country, Virgin's No. 57308 'Tin Tin' was the drag loco for Pendolino No. 390002 between Crewe and Holyhead on the through working from Euston.

West Coast Railway's No. 57601 and the NRM-owned 47798 'Prince William' top-and-tailed the Northumbrian Statesman from Ely to Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Mainline-certified DEMU No. 1001 worked a special from Hastings to Weston-super-Mare via Didcot.

July 8

Steam locos Nos. 70000 'Britannia' and 34067 'Tangmere' worked today's weekly specials from Bristol Temple Meads to Kingswear and Weymouth respectively. However flooding in Dorset meant that 'Tangmere' was diverted to Yeovil Junction, then Salisbury, and back from there direct to Westbury.

The flooding south of Yeovil also trapped First Great Western DMUs Nos. 150106, 153368, 150126 and 150921 at Weymouth.


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