Notable Workings Week 2, 2012

A summary of notable workings for week 2 (January 9-15).

January 9

Class 20 No. 20142 ran light engine from Washwood Heath, Birmingham, to Peterborough. It was joined there on January 10 by 20227 which arrived from London Underground's West Ruislip depot.

The DRS service for workers at Sellafield began running today as part of a six-week trial. Type 3 No. 37423 was the motive power for the trip, which left Carlisle at 06.15 to Sellafield and Barrow. It then runs empty back to Sellafield to form the 16.45 to Carlisle. Three of the four carriages are reserved for staff at the nuclear plant, with a fourth available to the general public.

Normally allocated to Class 20s, a movement of new London Underground stock from Bombardier Derby to the nearby Old Dalby test track was top-and-tailed by Class 66s Nos. 66718 and 66731.

Electro-diesel No. 73107 top-and-tail with 73201 and 73138 worked an evening Network Rail test train (1Q40) from Eastleigh to Waterloo and back.

New 11-coach Pendolino No. 390055 was in front line action with an early afternoon service from Manchester Piccadilly to Euston.

January 10

DRS Type 3s Nos. 37606 and 37607 top-and-tailed a Network Rail test train (1Q13) from Exeter to Penzance, St Ives and Falmouth in the late evening, returning overnight.

Penultimate Class 60 No. 60099 boosted the number of 60s working in the north-west, being booked on to the coal circuit from Liverpool Docks to Fiddlers Ferry power station.

Silver Class 67 No. 67014 hauled DVT No. 82305 from Chiltern's Wembley depot to Brush Loughborough via Birmingham and Burton-on-Trent.

An unidentified Class 142 DMU was spotted on the Monk Bretton freight-only line on the border of West and South Yorkshire. It was believed to have run empty from Neville Hill for staff training purposes.

New Freightliner loco No. 70017 arrived at Liverpool Docks and was unloaded in the afternoon. From now on each new loco will be shipped individually rather than in batches.

January 11

A delivery of S-Stock for London Underground left Old Dalby (Leicestershire) for Neasden depot (north London) top-and-tailed by Class 20s Nos. 20227, 20142 and 20901, 20905.

Type 2 No. 31285 worked around North Kent from Hither Green depot to Hoo Junction with a Network Rail test train (3Z55).

A change of loco for the Sellafield workers train saw DRS No. 37409 take over from 37423.

The early morning Holyhead to Cardiff loco-hauled set was headed by No. 57314 with 57316 at the rear. No. 57316 worked the return journey in the evening on its own.

Freightliner No. 66598 was tasked with hauling newly landed No. 70017 from Liverpool Docks to Crewe. Later in the evening, the 70 was taken by No. 66623 with four coal hoppers to Leeds Midland Road depot.

Class 70 No. 70016 was sent to Carlisle to begin driver training duties. It later hauled sister loco No. 70002 light engine back to Crewe.

January 12

Class 31 No. 31106 powered a Network Rail test train (3Q64) from Didcot to Crewe via Severn Tunnel Junction.

West Coast Railway's Type 3s Nos. 37685 and 37676 double-headed an empty stock move between the company's Southall and Carnforth depots via Milton Keynes and the Trent Valley.

Arriva-blue liveried Class 67 No. 67003 travelled light engine from Crewe to Cardiff Canton depot on a crew training run, returning back to Crewe in the early afternoon.

Following the DMU cascade at the end of last year, a number of West Midlands Centro-liveried Class 150s can be seen across the First Great Western network - including Nos. 150104 and 15124, which today were working between Plymouth and Penzance and Truro and Falmouth respectively.

January 13

Type 3s Nos. 37602 and 37603 top-and-tailed a Network Rail test train formed of just one coach (2Q08) from Birmingham Moor Street to West Ruislip (north London) and back to Tyseley.

DRS Nos. 37612 and 20309 double-headed the Dungeness to Willesden and Crewe nuclear flask train in the late afternoon and evening.

The New Measurement Train was back in action (1Z90) with Power Cars Nos. 43013 and 43062 working from Old Oak Common, London, to Derby RTC via Swansea.

DRS Type 4 No. 47818 hauled DVT No. 82133 from Norwich Crown Point to Wolverton Works via the Great Eastern and West Coast main lines.

Class 70 No. 70016 was in action working a coal train from Liverpool Docks to Ironbridge power station in Shropshire.

Gatwick Express EMU No. 460001 was soldiering on working the Victoria to Gatwick circuit, seen out in the early afternoon.

DMU No. 158842 was dumped in a siding at Belper, Derbyshire, after failing there with a broken drive shaft while working from Nottingham to Sheffield yesterday evening.

January 14

Colas Class 47s Nos. 47727 and 47749 top-and-tailed a ballast laying train along the Cranmore branch in Somerset, possibly to make repairs in advance of a railtour visiting there next month.

Virgin Thunderbird No. 57302 'Virgil Tracy' was allocated to today's Euston Pendolino drag along the North Wales coast from Crewe to Holyhead and back.

Pathfinder Railtours' Abercot Generator charter ran from Bristol Parkway to Birmingham New Street and Oxford behind No. 66002 before going on to visit lines around Didcot Power station, Appleford sidings, Swindon, Aberthaw power station (South Glamorgan) and Bishton flyover (near Newport, South Wales).

Newly reliveried in Arriva blue, Type 5 No. 67002 worked an engineering train from Toton to Oakham, Leicestershire. Other trains attending were worked by Nos. 60065, 66098, and 66207 top-and-tail with 66047.

Class 67 No. 67017 hauled EMU No. 465030 from Wolverton Works to Slade Green in Kent.

Doncaster-based Thunderbird No. 67019 hauled a failed No. 91130 and Mk 4 set through Peterborough at lunchtime. Classmate No. 67027 went north from Bounds Green depot, London, to replace it.

January 15

Stone trains between Tunstead (Peak District) and Oakleigh sidings (Northwich) were again diverted via a reversal at Buxton, so were top-and-tailed by Nos. 60007 and 66099.

Engineering works in the Wakefield area meant that long-distance trains were diverted via the old Midland Railway route through Normanton leading to a procession of CrossCountry and EMT trains passing through. East Coast services were also diverted, with most formed of HST sets - although there was one MK 4 set used when Thunderbird No. 67026 hauled 91121 from Retford with the 12.03 ex-King's Cross to Leeds and 16.47 return.

Class 70s Nos. 70002 and 70013 top-and-tailed the track maintenance High-Output Ballast Cleaning train (HOBC) train from Bamfurlong near Wigan to Basford Hall yard in Crewe.

The Glasgow to Euston sleeper hauled by No. 90019 was diverted from the West Coast main line through Wolverhampton, Bescot and Coventry.


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