Notable Workings Week 1, 2012

A summary of notable workings for week 1 (January 2-8).

January 2

Network Rail Type 3 No. 97301 worked a test train (1Z06) top-and-tail with Type 2 No. 31285 from Derby RTC to Grove Park, south London. A second one (3Z02) left Derby for Carlisle with No. 31106 in charge, and in the afternoon a third one left for Eastleigh (3Z15) propelled by 31602.

Class 67 No. 67012 ran with an empty Chiltern MK 3 coaching set and DVT from Wembley depot to Birmingham Moor Street.

January 3

Class 60s Nos. 60007 and 60024 were again working stone trains between Tunstead and Oakleigh Sidings, Northwich - only now on separate trains and no longer top-and-tail.

New Class 70 No. 70015 worked its first revenue earning train, hauling coal from Ellesmere Port to Fiddlers Ferry power station in Cheshire.

Strong winds hit the country and in Scotland they were so bad that Edinburgh Waverley station had to be completely closed on safety grounds in the afternoon.

January 4

Ongoing crew training ahead of the new Sellafield worker trains continued, with No. 37423 hauling a rake of empty stock from Carlisle to Barrow via the Cumbrian coast line.

The four Class 66s - Nos. 66064, 66022, 66029 and 66245 - waiting at Dollands Moor (Kent) since before Christmas to be sent to work in France were finally dispatched through the Channel Tunnel in the consist of a freight train.

Royal loco No. 67006 'Royal Sovereign' was used to haul the Aberdeen portion from Edinburgh of the overnight sleeper from Euston. Nos. 67004 and 67011 handled the Inverness and Fort William portions respectively.

Substituting for the HST-based New Measurement Train, Class 67s Nos. 67019 and 67025 top-and-tailed a Network Rail test train (1Q27), which included the Mentor overhead line test vehicle, from Derby RTC to Crewe and then on to Euston via the West Coast main line.

January 5

The West Coast main line was brought to a standstill in the early hours between Oxenhope and Penrith in Cumbria when the pantograph of Freightliner No. 90049 was damaged while heading north on a freight train. The incident held up following freight services and also the two northbound Scottish sleeper trains from Euston, although luckily the overhead wires were undamaged in the incident. The Inverness and Aberdeen-bound sleeper eventually arrived in Edinburgh about five hours late.

Later in the day the southern end of the WCML was brought to a halt following a fatality in the Leighton Buzzard area. The line remained closed for about four hours, leading to long delays and knock-on cancellations.

The 16.15 Cardiff Central to Holyhead failed at Nantwich, Cheshire, with Class 57 No. 57315 in charge. The train was rescued by classmate No. 57302 which brought it into Crewe nearly three hours late.

Newly overhauled Class 60 No. 60074 was released from Toton depot (Nottinghamshire) and worked a test load of ballast wagons to Barrow Hill (Derbyshire) and back.The loco has been repainted in its unique blue livery and 'Teenage Spirit' name supporting the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Freightliner No. 90045 was allocated to the 18.43 Euston to Crewe via Birmingham with the Virgin Mk 3 set.

January 6

The Northern Belle had its first outing of the year, running from Birmingham International to Edinburgh via York with Type 4s Nos. 47790 'Galloway Princess' and 47841 top-and-tail.

The early morning Holyhead to Cardiff train was double-headed by Class 57s Nos. 57315 and 57302 following last night's failure at Nantwich - which was reported as being due to a problem with the stock and not the loco. Classmate No. 57316 took over for the return trip in the afternoon.

The refurbishment of several Class 60s has led to their increased use in the north-west, with Nos. 60007, 60024, 60065 active on stone trains in the Peak Forest area, while 60011, 60045 and 60096 have been on the coal train circuit between Liverpool Docks and Fiddlers Ferry power station.

Class 67s Nos. 67019 and 67025 with the Mentor test coach were still substituting for the New Measurement Train, today working along the East Coast main line from King's Cross to Doncaster (1Q18).

New Freightliner Class 70 No. 70014 was in service with a coal train between Liverpool Docks and Radcliffe power station, leaving only 70016 of the new latest batch of four to start work.

January 7

Stone trains between Tunstead (Peak District) and Oakleigh sidings in Cheshire were again diverted via Buxton, leading to Nos. 60065 and 66004 being used in top-and-tail formation.

Virgin Thunderbird No. 57307 'Lady Penelope' hauled Pendolino No. 390011 along the North Wales coast with today's Euston to Holyhead working.

Network Rail DMU No. 950001 worked back to Derby RTC from Liverpool Street (as 2Q08) via the East Coast main line.

The first steam tour of the year was a VSOE lunch special around the Surrey circular route from Victoria to Guildford and back behind Merchant Navy No. 35028 'Clan Line'.

January 8

An engineers' train from Blackheath, south-east London, to Hoo Junction (Kent) was hauled double-headed by electro-diesels No. 73205 and 73207.


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