National Memorial Locomotive Appeal Launched For ‘The Unknown Warrior’

Published 19th June 2012


CREWE - The ‘Patriot’ class took its name from the first of the class to be named (actually a renamed engine when the name ‘Patriot’ was transferred from an earlier L. & N. W. R. engine which was scrapped).

The nameplate stated ‘PATRIOT in memory of the fallen L. & N. W. R. employees 1914 – 1919’.

LMS Patriot Project Commence Boiler Construction

The all new parallel ‘Fowler’ boiler of traditional construction with a copper firebox has been commissioned by the LMS-Patriot Project. This is the charitable group who are building the new Royal British Legion endorsed National Memorial Engine.

The boiler will be of traditional design and will be assembled at LNWR Heritage Ltd at Crewe, the company founded by Mr. Waterman.

Half a Million Already Raised

Around £½ million pounds has already been raised to build ‘The Unknown Warrior’ and an appeal target of £500,000 to build the new boiler has been set. Around £20,000 has already been donated by Patriot Project Members for the copper for the firebox. If sufficient funds can be raised construction of the first part of the boiler will begin next year.

They Said:

David Bradshaw, LMS-Patriot Project Chairman said, “LNWR Heritage will be building the biggest single item for ‘The Unknown Warrior’ – a brand new parallel boiler and we are confident that we will have 'The Unknown Warrior' steaming and on the mainline for 2018 if sufficient funds can be raised.

Richard Watkins the chief boilersmith at LNWR Heritage will be leading this exciting new project and I am delighted that the LMS-Patriot Project has chosen LNWR Heritage to build the new boiler for ‘The Unknown Warrior”.

“I am therefore appealing to all steam enthusiasts to support the creation of the new boiler for 'The Unknown Warrior' and to send in their donations however large or small”.

Chris Hughes, a regular contestant on BBC’s Eggheads represented the LMS-Patriot Project at the 19th May launch at LNWR Heritage Crewe and explained that 40 of the 52 ‘Patriots’ were built at the nearby Crewe Works and that it is entirely appropriate that the new boiler for 'The Unknown Warrior' should also be built at Crewe.

The event was also attended by the Mayor of Crewe Borough, Cllr. Roy Cartlidge, Edward Timpson MP, for Crewe and Nantwich, and Members of the Crewe Branch of The Royal British Legion.

Centenary Timeline

‘The Unknown Warrior’ is expected to be in steam for 2018 - the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice which brought about the end of the Great War if enough money can be raised.

‘The Unknown Warrior’ is dedicated to all those who fought died during the Great War, and all subsequent wars and will be a working memorial to honour their memory.

The Project is being funded mostly through public donations which can be made, and Membership Forms downloaded, from Patriot_Donations_Membership.pdf, or by post from: LMS-Patriot Co. Ltd., PO Box 3118, Hixon, Stafford, ST16 9JL, to which donations can also be sent.

The LMS-Patriot Project Information

The Patriot Project is a Company limited by guarantee (Company registered in England & Wales No. 6502248) that was formed to build a new LMS ‘Patriot’ class steam locomotive to the original Fowler parallel boiler design.

The LMS-Patriot Project is Charitable Company (Registered Number 1123521) and the LMS-Patriot Co. Ltd. Board consists of seven Directors, who are also unpaid volunteers and Trustees of the Project.

The new ‘Patriot’ ‘The Unknown Warrior’ is being assembled at the Llangollen Railway Works and will be certified for mainline running. The new boiler for ‘The Unknown Warrior’ will be assembled at LNWR Heritage Ltd at Crewe.

The frame plates for the new ‘Patriot’ were cut at Corus Steel on 31st March 2009 and after cutting and drilling were delivered to the Llangollen Railway Works at the beginning of July 2009.

The first new 6’9” driving wheel was cast in September 2010 at the Boro Foundry, Lye, in the West Midlands with the last being cast in January 2011.

An existing ex-Barry scrap yard Fowler tender has been obtained by the LMS-Patriot Project is being restored by Cambrian Transport Ltd., at Barry Rail Centre, South Wales.

November 2008 marked the 90th Anniversary of the Armistice. The aim is to complete the new ‘Patriot’ by 2018 – the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice.

National Memorial Engine

The LMS-Patriot Project aims to build a new National Memorial Engine to serve as a permanent memorial to the courageous men and women who fought and died in the Great War and in all subsequent wars.

The project aims to encourage and facilitate knowledge of the history of the ‘Patriot’ class of railway engines, including the dedication of the class name in remembrance of the railway employee casualties of war with particular reference to the London, Midland and Scottish Railway and its constituent companies and British Railways and its constituent companies.

It will also provide and facilitate historical and technical interpretative displays, materials and facilities, educational materials, study aids and educational events and opportunities of all kinds, using any form of media.

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