Notes and News June 9th

Notes and News from June 9-15th

June 09, 2011

Northern Belle-liveried ‘47’ No. 47790 was used to haul a train of empty flat wagons from Crewe to Carlisle.

June 10, 2011

VSOE’s British Pullman train was out in Kent on a trip from London Victoria to Gillingham, with Class 67s Nos. 67002 and 67019 providing the top-and-tail power.

Meanwhile sister locos Nos. 67005 and 67006 arrived in Kent with ‘The Canterbury Tale’ railtour from Doncaster via Leicester.

‘Pacer’ DMU No. 142029 worked empty from Exeter to Heaton depot, Newcastle, via both the Birmingham and York avoiding lines.

June 11, 2011

Class 47s Nos. 47712 and 47832 double-headed the Northern Belle train on a trip from York to Kensington Olympia, but worked the return trip top-and-tail.

The Great Yarmouth ‘drags’ finally ran as booked today, with Class 47 No. 47802 providing the power.

The Poole to Cardiff ‘Welshman’ railtour, hauled by steam loco No. 34067 ‘Tangmere’, stalled while climbing Filton bank near Bristol and had to be rescued by Type 4 No. 47500. ‘Tangmere’ was fit for the return trip, but was late leaving and eventually arrived back some two-and-a-half hours late.

No. 47500 had earlier worked a ‘Cathedrals Express’ railtour from Paddington as far as Bristol Parkway where ‘King’ Class steam loco No. 6024 ‘King Edward I’ took over.

Class 59s Nos. 59001, 59002, 59103 and 59206 went to the West Somerset Railway to take part in the line’s ‘Mixed Traffic Weekend’ gala.

DBS ‘Shed’ No. 66053 was used to haul EMU No. 465156 from Slade Green depot in Kent to Wolverton Works for refurbishment.

Type 5 No. 67028 took EMU No. 379003 from Derby to Crewe.

EMU No. 380104 became the first of its Class to work in service to North Berwick when it arrived with the 07.03 from Glasgow Central

June 12, 2011

Type 2s Nos. 31465 and 31105 top-and-tailed a 3Z05 test train from Tonbridge to Derby RTC via the West Coast main line and Northampton loop.

West Coast Railways’ No. 33207 ‘Jim Martin’ formed a very unusual double-header with steam loco No. 34067 ‘Tangmere’ (running tender-first) to haul a rake of stock from Poole to Southall. The stock and ‘Tangmere’ had been used on Saturday’s Poole to Cardiff railtour.

Virgin ‘Thunderbird’ No. 57302 dragged ‘Pendolino’ set No. 390039 from Wolverhampton to Wembley via Northampton.

Former Eurostar loco No. 73118 was in use at the Barry Tourist Railway.

Steam loco No. 71000 ‘Duke of Gloucester’ failed in Tiverton Loop while working back from Kingswear to Bristol Temple Meads. The train was rescued by diesel No. 47815, with the driver reportedly being sent by taxi from Tiverton to Bristol to collect it.

June 13, 2011

DBS red-liveried ‘Tug’ No. 60011 was spotted in Margam Yard in the afternoon, while sister blue-liveried No. 60074 ‘Teenage Spirit’ worked Murco tanks from Westerleigh near Bristol to Robeston near Milford Haven.

Today’s Marylebone loco-hauled trains are in the hands of Nos. 67012 and 67013 on the Birmingham Moor Street turns and No. 67013 on the Banbury run.

Class 379 ‘Electrostar’ EMUs have started working north of Cambridge, with No. 379026 forming the 06.18 Kings’ Lynn to Liverpool Street today.

June 14, 2011

The Bridlington line saw rare loco haulage when No. 37423 and inspection saloon No. 975025 ‘Caroline’ worked through on a York to York circular trip.

The New Measurement Train (NMT/1Q26) worked from Derby to Glasgow via the West Coast main line with Power Cars Nos. 43013 and 43062.

‘Skinhead’ No. 31106 worked a (3Q81) Network Rail train from Newcastle Heaton to Glasgow Mossend late evening and overnight.

West Coast Railways’ No. 37706 hauled an empty stock move between the company’s Southall and Carnforth depots.

Electro-diesels Nos. 73204+73141 and 73207+73212 top-and-tailed an engineering train from Hoo Junction in Kent to Peckham, south London.

New Scotrail EMUS Nos. 380115 and 380022 were used on night time test runs between Polmadie depot, Glasgow, and Carlisle.

‘Networker’ EMUs Nos. 465162, 465187 and 465027 made up an unusual 12-car formation at Charing Cross, although not in service. They were reported as running test trips between Charing Cross and Canon Street.

June 15, 2011

The Anglesey nuclear flask train was worked by an unusual pairing of Class 20 No. 20309 and Class 57 No. 57008.

Type 2 No. 31602 hauled Network rail HST Power car No. 43014 from Derby RTC to Craigentinny depot near Edinburgh via the East Coast main line.

DRS Types 3s Nos. 37059 and 37069 worked from Peterborough to Norwich with a Network Rail test train (1Q13). No. 37069 reportedly had a bad wheelflat.

Meanwhile Nos. 37194 and 37087 were working another test train (2Q88) around the northeast, and Nos. 36703 and 37610 top-and-tailed two DRS support coaches from Crewe to Workington.

‘Bodysnatcher’ No. 57011 was super-power for moving one wagon from Shirebrook, Derbyshire, to Carlisle Kingmoor via Preston.

Type 5 No. 67019 hauled the VSOE ‘British Pullman’ rake on a working from London Victoria to Bath and back.


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