Notable Workings Week 41

A summary of notable workings for week 41 (10-16 October).


With the autumn leaf-fall season underway, locos hauling railhead treatment trains (RHTTs) this week included:

Nos. 57007 and 57011 (Carlisle)

Nos. 57009 and 57010 (Carlisle)

Nos. 66001 and 66017 (Aylesbury)

Nos. 66005 and 66021 (Leicester)

Nos. 66006 and 66199 (St Blazey, Cornwall, to Westbury)

Nos. 66077 and 66165 (South Wales)

Nos. 66175 and 66176 (Bristol)

Nos. 66167 and 66187 (Willesden, London, to Macclesfield)

Nos. 67002 and 67028 (Harringay)

Nos. 67020 and 67027 (Didcot)

Nos. 67029 and 82146 (Midland main line)

Nos. 97302 and 97303 (Crewe)

October 10

Type 2 No. 31285 powered Network Rail's structure gauging train from Derby RTC to Selhurst depot, south London. It later worked over various lines in west London.

Meanwhile the New Measurement train ran from Newcastle Heaton depot to Derby RTC with power cars Nos. 43014 and 43062.

The Norwich area DMU-replacement turn was worked top-and-tail by Class 47s Nos. 47841 and 47501.

Silver Tata-liveried Class 60 No. 60099 was in charge of the Westerleigh (Gloucestershire) to Lindsey (Lincolnshire) oil tank train.

Unique Class 86/5 No. 86501 ran light engine from Crewe to Garston (Merseyside) to working an overnight freightliner to Ipswich.

October 11

DRS sent five Class 37s from Crewe Gresty Bridge depot to Stowmarket, Suffolk. They were Nos. 37688, 37069, 37194, 37610, and 37087 for use on autumn 'leaf-buster' RHTT workings.

The five operation Deltics - Nos. 55002, 55009, 55016, 55019 and 55022 - left NRM Shildon in convoy after the Magnificent Seven event. They were heading for the East Lancashire Railway to take part in the Deltic Gathering weekend.

Network Rail DMU No. 950001 ran a test train (2Q08) from Fort William to Mossend Yard, south of Glasgow.

A convoy of three Class 92s, Nos. 92015, 92034, 92037, ran light engine from Wembley to Dollands Moor (Kent). Later four classmates, Nos. 92003, 92042, 92012 and 92022 worked north from Wembley to Crewe.

Two new Class 172 DMUs, Nos. 172335 and 172344, were out test running from Derby RTC to Gloucester.

October 12

A delivery of new London Underground S-Stock from Old Dalby to Neasden was worked by Class 20s Nos. 20302 and 20305 top-and-tail with Type 5 No. 66714. The Class 66 worked only as far as Aylesbury.

DRS Nos. 20309 and 37603 were paired up to power the Bridgwater to Crewe nuclear flask working.

Preserved Class 25 No. 25059 was taken by road from Redmire on the Wensleydale Railway back to its home base at Haworth on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway. Meanwhile Class 37 No. 37219 was being transported by road from the Mid-Norfolk Railway to the Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway for its weekend diesel gala.

Compass Tours' Mountains & Bridges Scotsman charter from Shrewsbury to Dundee via Carlisle was top-and-tailed by Class 47s Nos. 47237 and 47854.

Fresh from overhaul, Class 60 No. 60054 made a test run light engine from Toton depot (Nottinghamshire) to Peterborough and back.

BR Standard Class 7 steam loco No. 70000 'Britannia' worked a mid-week VSOE train from Victoria to Bristol Temple Meads and back.

October 13

DRS Nos. 20309 and 37603 were paired together again, this time working the Crewe to Valley (Anglesey) nuclear flask train.

Class 67 No. 67001 worked a light engine route learning trip from Doncaster to Peterborough via Lincoln in connection with forthcoming weekend diversions of East Coast main line traffic.

The VSOE ran from Victoria to Folkestone West top-and tail with Class 67s Nos. 67030 and newly repainted in Arriva-blue 67003.

Electro-diesels Nos. 73107 and 73201 top-and-tailed a Network Rail test train (1Q62) around Kent from Grove Park (south-east London) to Selhurst (near Croydon).

Class 90 No. 90016 and the Virgin Mark 3 coaching set ran empty from Euston to Polmadie near Glasgow. The train was on hire to work a charter from Glasgow to Euston on October 14 and back on October 16. Similar runs were planned for October 28/30, November 11/13, 18/20 and 25/27.

October 14

For the third day running Nos. 20309 and 37603 worked a nuclear flask train, this time from Crewe to Sizewell (Suffolk).

The Northern Belle ran from Leeds to Edinburgh with Class 47s Nos. 47832 and 47790 providing the top-and-tail power.

First Great Western Class 57 No. 57604 'Pendennis Castle' hauled the 14.00 Penzance to Paddington HST, formed of power cars Nos. 43063 and 43179, between Plymouth and Exeter St Davids after 43179 failed. The 57 had earlier travelled down light engine from Bristol.

Class 66 No. 66060 hauled new EMU No. 378256 from Derby Litchurch Lane to Crewe via Lichfield.

After being released from Doncaster Wabtec Works yesterday, Class 91 No. 91103 ran double headed with 91120 on a working to King's Cross.

October 15

DRS Type 3s Nos. 37601 and 37611 worked the Bristol Temple Meads to Crewe leg of The Ousing Dove railtour. Nos. 66024 and 60065 then took over in top-and-tail mode to visit Hull via Shirebrook, Knottingley and Monk Bretton on the stub of the former Midland main line from Wakefield to Sheffield via Cudworth.

The Saturdays-only Crewe to Holyhead Pendolino 'drag' had Virgin Thunderbird No. 57309 'Brains' in charge.

Class 66 No. 66087 dragged EMU No. 465195 from overhaul at Wolverton Works to Slade Green depot (Kent), then later returned with No. 465161 to Wolverton.

There were four steam-hauled tours out today. EX-GWR No. 5043 'Earl of Mount Edgcumbe' hauled the Berks & Hants Aquae Sulis from Solihull to Bristol Temple Meads via Oxford, Newbury and back via Swindon. Black 5 No. 45305 was in charge of The Weardale from Newcastle and Morpeth to Stanhope on the Weardale Railway. Ex-LMS Princess Royal Class No. 6201 'Princess Elizabeth' worked the Crewe to Carlisle leg of The Royal Scot charter from Milton Keynes. And The Swanage Belle was worked outward from Euston to Swanage by No. 70013 'Oliver Cromwell' and back to Kensington Olympia by Ex-Southern Battle of Britain Class No. 34067 'Tangmere'.

The Deltic Gathering weekend at the East Lancashire Railway got underway with all five operational Deltics in action: Nos. 55002 'The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry', 55009 'Alycidon', 55016 'Gordon Highlander', 55019 'Royal Highland Fusilier' and 55022 'Royal Scots Grey'. The 19.25 from Bury to Rawtenstall had all five locos powering at the front of the train - believed to be a power record for a British train.

October 16

Basingstoke, in connection with the Class taking over from Class 165/166 Turbostars in May 2012.

Arriva-blue liveried No. 67003 worked the Victoria to Folkestone West VSOE top-and-tail with classmate 67030.


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