DB Shenker put up Class 56 Fleet for Sale

Freight operators DB Shenker has offered for sale 33 of its Class 56 diesel fleet currently stored at Crewe, Toton, Warrington, Barrow Hill and Eastleigh.

Class 56 History

This diesel freight fleet was built between 1976 and 1984, the first tranche of 30 in Romania – which were somewhat unreliable - and another 105 at the BR Works in Doncaster and Crewe. They weighed 120 tons, had a top speed of 80mph and were air braked but carried no train heating equipment.

After privatisation in the mid 1990s, they worked for the various private freight companies until subsumed into EWS (now DB Shenker) and were mainly withdrawn in 2004 after the class 66 fleet had proved itself. A couple continued to be used by Fastline until they went bust last year and now only make an appearance if hired out due to loco shortages by RVEL, the new owners at Derby.

Seven class 56s have been preserved and located at Barrow Hill, The Nene Valley Railway and the Nottingham Transport Centre with several of these operational and used on preserved lines from time to time.

Locos Available for Purchase and Their Locations

1 56006 Barrow Hill

2 56007 Crewe TMD

3 56018 Warrington

4 56031 Crewe TMD

5 56032 Crewe TMD

6 56037 Crewe TMD

7 56038 Crewe TMD

8 56046 Toton TMD

9 56049 Crewe TMD

10 56051 Crewe TMD

11 56058 Crewe TMD

12 56060 Crewe TMD

13 56065 Crewe TMD

14 56069 Crewe TMD

15 56073 Toton TMD

16 56074 Crewe TMD

17 56077 Crewe TMD

18 56078 Crewe TMD

19 56081 Crewe TMD

20 56087 Crewe TMD

21 56090 Crewe TMD

22 56091 Eastleigh

23 56094 Crewe TMD

24 56096 Crewe TMD

25 56103 Crewe TMD

26 56104 Crewe TMD

27 56105 Crewe TMD

28 56106 Crewe TMD

29 56112 Crewe TMD

30 56113 Crewe TMD

31 56115 Eastleigh

32 56117 Eastleigh

33 56133 Crewe TMD

Interested? How to Make an Offer

DB Shenker has announced that these locomotives will be sold as seen and as and where lying and that successful bidders will be required to remove the Locomotives from their storage locations at their own expense and without any assistance from DBSR.

The closing date for registrations of interest for these locomotives is at 1000hrs Monday 31st October, 2011. Tender documents will be issued upon receipt of your expression of interest.

Guide to Making an Offer for a Locomotive

These Locomotives are offered for sale by means of competitive open tender in accordance with the DBSR “Code of Practice for the identification, Sale and/or Disposal of Surplus Locomotives”. A reserve price has been set against each locomotive offered for sale. All Tenderers will be given the opportunity to undertake inspection of these locomotives by prior arrangement ONLY.

Sales will only be completed if compliant with safety and environmental considerations

Interested parties for these Locomotives should register their interest in the first instance with our Disposals Manager, quoting Ref CM13LOCO

Her address is :

DB Schenker Rail (UK) Ltd

Toton TMD,

Toton Sidings,

Long Eaton

Nottingham, NG10 1HA.

Please note that DBSR reserves the right to withdraw any / all of these locomotives from sale at any point of the proceedings.

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