Steam Locomotives & Engines

Relive the golden age of steam, with the help of our A-List of engine profiles, from Locomotive Number 1 to the legendary 92220 Evening Star.

Steam Engine
Steam Engine
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The Fairy Queen Steam Locomotive

Learn more about the oldest steam locomotive operational today, a classic engine that took a bit of Leeds all the way to India.

Fairy Queen

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Great Western Railway Class 6000 Steam Locomotive

Discover more about one of GWR’s largest engines, built with prestige – and express speed – in mind.

Great Western

LMS Princess Coronation

LMS Princess Coronation Class Steam Locomotive

Find out more about the most powerful steam engine ever built to pull trains on Britain’s railways.

LMS Princess


SR West Country and Battle of Britain Class Steam Locomotive

Explore some of the new developments in British steam locomotive technology aboard this post-war class of ‘Light Pacifics’.

SR West Country

4474 Flying Scotsman seen at Crewe Works open day

LNER Gresley Steam Locomotive Class A3

Read more about these Pacific 4-6-2 engines designed for mainline passenger services on the GNR and LNER.

LNER Gresley

Class A4 Steam

LNER Class A4 Steam Locomotive

Discover more about the legendary ‘Mallard’ – still an official record holder as the fastest steam locomotive in the world.

LNER Class A4

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LNER Peppercorn Class A1 Steam Locomotive

Explore the locos built to haul express passenger services on LNER, which together clocked-up over 50 million miles in service.

LNER Peppercorn

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LMS Royal Scot Class Steam Locomotive

Find out about the class of Edwardian locomotive that pulled services on the west coast mainline all the way from 1927 to 1965.

LMS Royal Scot

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Stephenson's Rocket Steam Locomotive

Discover more about this early, iconic locomotive built by Robert Stephenson and Company – and its victory at the Rainhill Trials of 1829.

Stephenson's Rocket

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Invicta Steam Locomotive

Explore Invicta – the Stephenson-built engine that hauled the inaugural train into Whitstable Harbour station in 1830.

Invicta Steam

Locomotion No. 1

Locomotion Number 1

Read more about ‘Active’, the first locomotive to haul a train on the Stockton and Darlington Railway in September 1825.

Locomotion Number 1

City of Truro Steam

Great Western Railway 3440 City of Truro Steam Locomotive

Get closer to GWR’s record-breaking City of Truro, which once clocked-up 102.3mph between Plymouth and London Paddington.

Great Western 3440

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British Railways Standard Class 9F 92220 Evening Star

Discover the Evening Star – the last steam locomotive ever built by British Railways – which saw only five years of active service in the 1960s.

British Railways


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