Vintage Trains

A guide to all of their charter train services.

December 2016

Dec 3. 5043. ‘Lyndum Christmas Fayre’. Warwick Road-Coleshill Parkway-Nuneaton-Leicester-Lincoln and return.

Dec 10. 5043. ‘Christmas White Rose’. Tyseley Warwick Road-Coleshill Parkway-Tamworth-Burton-York and return.

November 2016

Nov 3. 9466. ‘Pannier Preview evening. Hall Green-Stratford on Avon and return.

Nov 12. 9466 & 9600. ‘Pannier Ramble’. Tyseley Warwick Road-Stratford-upon-Avon-Kidderminster-Worcester Shrub Hill-Lickey-Tyseley.

October 2016

Oct 8. 5043. ‘Cotswold Explorer’. Tyseley Warwick Road-Birmingham Snow Hill-Stourbridge Jcn.-Oxford return.

Oct 22 5043. ‘Chester, Wrexham and Shropshire’. Tyseley Warwick Road-Walsall-Wolverhampton-Chester-Birmingham New Street-Tyseley.

September 2016

Sept 4. 5043. ‘The Shakespeare Express’. Birmingham Snow Hill-Moor Street-Tyseley-Henley-in-Arden-Stratford-upon-Avon and return. (Morning & Afternoon departures).

Sept 10. 47773. ‘Waverley Isle of Wight Circular’. Solihull-Dorridge-Warwick Parkway-Leamington Spa-Banbury-Portsmouth HBR and return.

August 2016

Aug 13. 5043. ‘Welsh Marches’. Tyseley Warwick Road-Birmingham Snow Hill-Gloucester-Hereford-Shrewsbury-Birmingham New Street-Tyseley.

Aug 27. 4965. ‘Summer at the Palace!’. Tyseley Warwick Road-Birmingham Moor -Worcester-Street-Oxford-Walsall).

Sundays to September 4. 5043. ‘The Shakespeare Express’. Birmingham Snow Hill-Moor Street-Tyseley-Henley-in-Arden-Stratford-upon-Avon and return. (Morning & Afternoon departures).

July 2016

Sundays from July 17. 5043. ‘The Shakespeare Express’. Birmingham Snow Hill-Moor Street-Tyseley-Henley-in-Arden-Stratford-upon-Avon and return. (Morning & Afternoon departures).

June 2016

June 18. 47773. ‘The Whistling Ghost’. Tyseley Warwick Road-Birmingham Moor Street- Stourbridge-Worcester Shrub Hill-Bristol Temple Meads-Minehead and return. Steam hauled on the West Somerset Railway.

March 2016

These trains may be affected by the West Coast Railway suspension

March 12. 4965. ‘The Red Dragon’. Tyseley Warwick Road- Birmingham Snow Hill- Stourbridge Junction-Chepstow-Worcester Shrub Hill-Cardiff and return.

March 19. 47760/5690. Cumbrian Mountaineer’. Tyseley Warwick Road-Birmingham New Street-Wolverhampton-Stafford-Crewe-Carlisle and return. Steam section Hellifield-Carlisle-Shap-Carnforth.

September 2015

Sept 6. 5043. Shakespeare Express’. Birmingham Snow Hill-Moor Street-Tyseley-Henley-Stratford and return (AM & PM services.)

Sept 19. 47773/5043. ‘Coastal Explorer’. Tyseley-Birmingham NS-Wolverhampton-Stafford-Crewe-Wigan NW-Carnforth by diesel. Steam Carnforth Shap-Carlisle-Millom-Carnforth. Double headed Carnforth to Tyseley.

Sept 26. 5043. ‘Welsh Marches’. Tyseley WR-Birmingham SH-Hereford and return

August 2015

Sundays. 5043/4965. ‘The Shakespeare Express’. Birmingham Snow Hill-Moor Street-Tyseley-Henley-in-Arden-Stratford-on-Avon and return.

Aug 29. 5043/6201 (TBC). ‘Welsh Marches’. Tyseley Warwick Road-Birmingham Snow Hill-Hereford and return.

July 2015

July 4. 46233. ‘Welsh Marches’. Tyseley-Birmingham Snow Hill-Hereford-and return. (out via Chepstow return via Wolverhampton).

July 19 & 26. 5043/4965 ‘The Shakespeare Express’. Birmingham Snow Hill-Moor Street-Tyseley-Henley-in-Arden-Stratford-upon-Avon and return.

June 2015

June 13. 5043. ‘Whistling Ghost III’ Tyseley-Solihull-Leamington Spa-Oxford-Swindon-Minehead and return.

June 20. 5043 & 47773. ‘Welsh Dragon’. Tyseley-Birmingham Snow Hill-Wolverhampton-Stafford-Crewe-Chester-Llandudno and return.

June 27/8. ‘Tyseley Open Days’. Lots of steam and diesel on display!

May 2015

May 16. 5043. ‘Jurassic Steamer’. Solihull-Warwick Parkway-Banbury-Oxford-Bournemouth-Poole and return.

May 23. 47773/5043. ‘Seaside Flyer’. Tyseley-Coleshill Parkway-Nuneaton-Stafford-Crewe-Llandudno and return. (Steam Nuneaton to Chester and Llandudno to Nuneaton).

May 30. 47773. ‘The South Coaster’. Solihull-Warwick Parkway-Banbury-Oxford-Brighton and return.

April 2015

April 11. 5043. ‘The City of New Orleans’. Tyseley Warwick Road-Coleshill Parkway-Leicester and return.

April 18. 5043. ‘Coastal Explorer’. Tyseley-Birmingham NS-Wolverhampton-Stafford-Crewe-Wigan NW.-Carlisle and return. (Out via Shap returns via Millom).

April 25. 5043. ‘Ticket to Ride’. Tyseley-Birmingham NS-Wolverhampton-Stafford-Crewe-Wigan NW.-Liverpool Lime Street and return. (Returns via Miles Platting & Stockport).

February 2015

Feb 14. 4965. ‘Valentine’s Express’. Tyseley WR-Birmingham Snow Hill-Oxford-Solihull-Tyseley.

December 2014

Dec 6. 4965. ‘Lindum Christmas Fayre’. Tyseley Warwick Road-Coleshill-Nuneaton- Leicester-Loughborough-Lincoln and return.

Dec 13. 5043. ‘The Christmas White Rose’. Tyseley-Coleshill Parkway-Tamworth-Burton-Derby-York and return.

Dec 19. 4965. ‘Chester Carols’. Tyseley Warwick Road-Wolverhampton-Stafford-Crewe-Chester and return.

November 2014

Nov 1. 4464. ‘Merseyside Streak’. Tyseley Warwick Road-Birmingham New Street-Wolverhampton, Stafford-Crewe-Liverpool and return.

Nov 8. 7752 & 9600. ‘Pannier Ramble’. Tyseley Warwick Road-Stratford on Avon-Worcester Shrub Hill out via Kidderminster and back via the Lickey incline

October 2014

Oct 4. 5043. ‘Cotswold Explorer’. Tyseley-Birmingham Moor Street-Birmingham Snow Hill-Worcester Shrub Hill-Oxford. (Out via Stroud return via Evesham).

Oct 18. Diesel No. 47774 outward and 4464 return. ‘Western Streak’. Tyseley Warwick Road- Birmingham Moor Street-Bristol TM and return.

September 2014

Sept 7. 4965/5043. ‘The Shakespeare Express’. Birmingham-SH & MS-Tyseley-Henley-Stratford-upon-Avon and return.

Sept 20. 5043. ‘Welsh Marches’. Tyseley-Birmingham Moor Street-Birmingham Snow Hill- Gloucester-Chepstow-Abergavenny-Hereford-Birmingham New Street-Tyseley.

June 2014

June 14. 5043. ‘Whistling Ghost 11’. Tyseley-Birmingham Moor Street-Stourbridge Junction-Worcester Shrub Hill-Bristol Temple Meads-Minehead and return.

June 28. 47773/46233. ‘The Midlander’. Tyseley-Birmingham New St by diesel. Steam Non-stop Birmingham-Euston. Returns via Nuneaton-Coleshill Parkway-Tyseley.

May 2014

May 10. D1015. ‘Western Lickeys The Banks’. Solihull-Warwick Parkway-Banbury-Oxford-Bristol Temple Meads-Plymouth and return.

May 10. 5043. ‘ONE ZULU 48’. Plymouth-Oxford. Diesel Oxford to Solihull.

May 24. 5043. ‘The Seaside Flyer’. Tyseley Warwick Rd-Wolverhampton-Stafford-Crewe-Llandudno. (for the Llandudno Air Tattoo) and return.

April 2014

Apr 5. 5043. ‘The Great Spaghetti Western’. Tyseley-Coleshill Parkway-Leicester and return test run.

Apr 12. 5043. ‘Berks & Hants Aquae Sulis’. Solihull-Dorridge-Warwick Parkway- Banbury-Oxford-Bath-Bristol and return via Swindon.

April 26. D1015. ‘The Devonian’. Tyseley, Birmingham Snow Hill-Stourbridge Jnc- Worcester Shrub Hill-Bristol TM-Paignton for Paignton & Dartmouth Steam Railway to Kingswear and return.

February 2014

February 9. D1015.’ Chiltern Champion 1’. Solihull-Dorridge-Warwick Parkway-Leamington Spa and Banbury-Marylebone and return.

February 9. D1015 + 47773.’ Chiltern Champion 2’. Marylebone-Princes Risborough-Claydon Junction-Bicester-Banbury-Marylebone.

February 14. 4965. ‘Valentines Dinner Express’. Tyseley Warwick Road-Birmingham Moor Street-Snow Hill-Kidderminster-Gloucester-Evesham and return.

November 2013

Nov 9. 45699. ‘The Cumbrian Jubilee’. Tyseley Warwick Rd- Birmingham New Street-Wolverhampton-Stafford-Crewe-Carnforth and from Hellifield to Tyseley by diesel. Steam hauled between Carnforth to Carlisle via Shap and Carlisle to Hellifield via Settle.

Nov 23. 4965. ‘The Elge Explorer’. Tyseley Warwick Rd-Coleshill Parkway-Nuneaton-Ely and return.

August 2013

Sundays. 4965/5043. ‘The Shakespeare Express’. Birmingham Snow Hill-Moor Street-Tyseley-Henley-Stratford and return. Morning and afternoon services.

Aug 17. 5029. ‘The Welsh Dragon’. Tyseley-Walsall-Wolverhampton-Stafford-Crewe-Llandudno Junction-Conwy-Bangor-Holyhead and return.

March 2015

March 7. 4965. ‘The Red Dragon’. Tyseley-Birmingham Snow Hill-Worcester Shrub Hill-Cardiff and return.

March 21. 47773+5690. ‘Cumbrian Jubilee’. Tyseley-Birmingham NS-Wolverhampton- Stafford-Crewe-Hellifield and return from Carnforth by diesel. Steam between Hellifield-Settle-Carlisle and return via Shap.


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