UK Railtours

A guide to all of their charter train services.

December 2016

Dec 1. 60163. ‘Bath Christmas Express’. Victoria-Staines-Ascot-Bath-Bristol and return.

Dec 3. 57/68. ‘Grassington Dickensian Festival’. Kings Cross-Potters Bar Stevenage-Peterborough-Skipton and return.

Dec 10. 90/60. ‘Marches and Moors’. Euston-Watford Jcn.-Milton Keynes-Shrewsbury-Blackburn-Copy Pit and return.

Dec 12. 60163. ‘Christmas Canterbury Tale’. Victoria-Bromley-Sevenoaks-Canterbury and return.

Dec 29. 67. ‘Old Father Thames’. Victoria-Grain-Tilbury-London Gateway-Waterloo using non-passenger lines.

November 2016

Nov 5. 67. ‘The Andover Fist’. London Waterloo-Woking-Southampton Eastern Docks-Fawley-Salisbury-Ludgershall-Waterloo.

Nov 12. 395 X 2. ‘The Regency Javelin’. St. Pancras International-Gravesend-Tunbridge- Gatwick Airport-Littlehampton-Brighton-Hastings-Sevenoaks-Bat & Ball-Rochester-St. Pancras International.

October 2016

Oct 8. 60163. ‘The Magna Carter’. Kings Cross-Potters Bar-Stevenage-Lincoln and return.

Oct 15. 67. ‘The Yorkshire Coast Express’. Kings Cross-Potters Bar-Stevenage-Peterborough-Beverley-Scarborough and return.

Oct 22. 2 X 57/68 (DRS). ‘The Armada’. Stevenage-Welwyn Garden City-Potters Bar-Finsbury Park-Ealing Broadway-Totnes-Plymouth and return.

Oct 29. 66. ‘The Humber Vogue’. Finsbury Park-Potters Bar-Stevenage-Peterborough-Doncaster-ABP Hull-Goole-Drax and return.

September 2016

Sept 8. 60163. ‘The Severn Valley Venturer’. Victoria-Slough-Reading-Bridgnorth. Returns by Diesel.

Sept 17. 2 X 57/68 (DRS). ‘Last of the Summer Wine’. Euston-Watford Junction-Milton Keynes-Rugby-Huddersfield-Leeds and return.

Sept 24. 73 X 2 (GBRF) ‘The Purbeck Adventurer’. Tonbridge-Sevenoaks-Orpington-Bromley South-Clapham Junction-Swanage and return.

August 2016

Aug 6. Edinburgh Tattoo by Northern Belle’. Kings Cross-Stevenage-Peterborugh-Edinburgh. Returns Aug 8.

Aug 13. 60163. ‘The Robin Hood’. Kings Cross-Potters Bar-Stevenage-Chesterfield and return.

Aug 27. 90/66. ‘The Ayr Apparent’. Euston-Watford Jcn.-Rugby-Crewe- Carlisle- Mauchline-Troon-Ayr-Dumfries-Euston.

July 2016

July 16. 73/9 X 2. ‘The Herd of Wilderbeeste’. Waterloo-Basingstoke-Paignton-Reading-Waterloo.

July 23. 2 X 57/68 (DRS). ‘The Ancient Kingdom’. Kings Cross-Potters Bar-Stevenage-Peterborough-Morpeth-Alnmouth and return.

June 2016

June 4. 60163. ‘The Scarborough Flyer’. Kings Cross-Potters Bar-Peterborough-York-Scarborough-York. Electric locomotive hauled York-Kings Cross.

June 11. 67/60. ‘The Diversionary Tactic’. Finsbury Park-Potters Bar-Stevenage-Peterborough-York-Sunderland-Gainsborough-Kings Cross

June 25. 2 X 57 (DRS). ‘Cradle of a Nation’. Stevenage-Potters Bar-Finsbury Park- Telford and return.

May 2016

May 4. HST. Midland and Great Central’. St Pancras-Luton Airport Parkway-Bedford-Market Harborough-Pinxton-Cleethorpes and return

May 10. 86/87 outwards 66 return. ‘Atlantic Star’. Kings Cross-York and return via Spalding.

May 14. 67. ‘Quantock Pullman’. Victoria-Minehead and return.

May 21. 2 X 57 (DRS). ‘The Welsh Dragon’. Paddington-Slough-Reading-Carmarthen and return.

May 28. 395. ‘A Bridge Too Far’. St Pancras-Maidstone West-Tonbridge Wells Post Office Siding-Margate-Sheerness-St Pancras.

April 2016

April 2. 60163. ‘The Devon Belle’. Waterloo-Basingstoke-Reading-Exeter and return to Victoria.

April 16. 67. ‘Gloucester Old Spot’. Clapham Jcn.-Finsbury Park-Potters Bar-Stevenage-Gloucester and return.

April 17. HST (GWR). ‘The Tarka 125 Tourer’. Paddington-Slough-Reading-Barnstaple-return.

April 23. 159. ‘Ticket to Ryde’. Waterloo-Woking-Portsmouth Harbour-Wooton-Goosefield and return.

April 30. 86259/66 (GBRF) (2X73). ‘Pines Express’. Euston-Milton Keynes-Waterloo via Manchester and Bournemouth.

March 2016

March 12. ‘Tre Pol & Pen’. Euston-Slough-Reading-Newbury-Parkandillack and return.

September 2015

Sept 5. 67. ‘Glorious Devon’. Northampton-Milton Keynes-Tring-Watford Junction-Ealing Broadway-Torquay-Paignton and return.

Sept 12. 67. ‘The Beamish P2 Leek Show’. King’s Cross-Potters Bar-Stevenage-Peterborough-Durham-Darlington-Shildon and return.

Sept 19. 159. ‘Ticket to Ryde’. Waterloo-Woking-Portsmouth-Wootton and return.

Sept 26. 60163. ‘The Silver Jubilee Talisman’. King’s Cross-Potters Bar-Peterborough-Darlington-Newcastle-York. Diesel York to Kings Cross.

Sept 26. 159. ‘Trams Cars and Trains special’. Waterloo-Woking-Basingstoke-Axminster for Seaton and return.

August 2015

Aug 1. 67. ‘Gondoliers in Harrogate’. Kings Cross-Potters Bar-Stevenage-Harrogate and return.

Aug 1. 67. ‘The Harrogate Circle’. Harrogate-York-Leeds-Harrogate.

Aug 11. 67. ‘Edinburgh Tattoo and Loch Lomond’. King’s Cross-Stevenage-Peterborough-Edinburgh-Dumbarton.

Aug. 12. 67. Dumbarton-Arrochar and Tarbet-Crianlarich and return.

Aug 13. 67. Dumbarton-Berwick on Tweed and Alnmouth-Peterborough-Stevenage-Kings Cross.

Aug 22. 66. ‘The Woodhams Phoenix’. Paddington-Slough-Reading-Swindon-Newport-Waterfront (Barry) and return via Machen

Aug 31. 66. ‘Yorkshire Byways’. King’s Cross-Potters Bar-Stevenage-Peterborough-York via freight lines and return.

July 2015

July 4. 67. ‘Somerset Jewels’. Cambridge-Royston-Letchworth-Stevenage-Welwyn Garden City-Potters Bar-Finsbury Park-Bath-Bristol-Weston Super Mare-Taunton-Minehead and return.

July 7. 55009 & 60163. ‘The White Rose’. Kings Cross-Potters Bar-York and return. Out by diesel and return by steam.

July 25. 2 X 73 (GBRF). ‘The Coastway Crawler’. Victoria-Hastings-Lewes-Brighton-Littlehampton and return

June 2015

June 6. 73 (GBRF). ‘The Alpine Sunbeam’. Waterloo-Clapham Jcn.-Alresford-Redhill Newhaven Marine-Ardingly and return.

June 13. 67. ‘The North Riding’. Kings Cross-Potters Bar-Stevenage-York-Scarborough and return.

June 20. ‘The Lindisfarne’. Kings Cross-Potters Bar-Stevenage-Peterborough-York-Berwick-Alnmouth and return.

June 30. 35028. ‘The Clan Line Farewell’. Victoria-Watford Jcn.-Chester-Crewe. Crewe-Euston by diesel.

May 2015

May 9. 67. ‘The English Bulldog’. Waterloo-Clapham Jcn.-Staines-Worcester and return.

May 14. HST. ‘Fullers High Speed Rail Ale’. St. Pancras-Luton Airport Parkway Bedford-Kettering-Duffield-Barrow Hill and return.

May 16. 55. ‘Golden Jubilee Pullman’. Victoria-Bridgnorth and return.

May 23. 458. ‘The Juniper Factor’. Waterloo-Clapham Junction-Haslemere-Bournemouth-Poole-East Putney-Waterloo.

May 30. 67. ‘Bodmin, Padstow & Eden’. Paddington-Slough-Reading-Newbury-Bodmin Parkway-Par and return.

April 2015

April 11. 67. ‘The Humber Sceptre’. Finsbury Park-Potters Bar Stevenage Peterborough-Newark-Grimsby & Immingham Docks-Cleethorpes and return.

April 25. 159. ‘Ticket to Ryde’. Waterloo-Woking-Portsmouth Harbour-Wootton and return

March 2015

March 14. 67. ‘The Buxton Spring’. King's Cross-Potters Bar-Stevenage-Peterborough-Buxton and return.

March 21. 67. ‘Chester & Llangollen’. Stevenage-Welwyn Garden City-Potters Bar-Finsbury Park-Chester and return.

March 28. HST. ‘The Orton Towers’. St Pancras-Luton Airport Parkway-Bedford-Kettering Leicester-Yarwell-Middleton Towers and return.

February 2015

Feb 14. 67. King's Cross-Potters Bar-Stevenage-Peterborough-Carlisle and return. Out via Leeds/Settle. (Return via Tyne Valley and York).

January 2015

Jan 10. 67/60. ‘The Shropshire Union’. Euston-Watford Junction-Milton Keynes- Northampton-Rugby-Ironbridge and return.

December 2014

Dec 13. 67. ‘The Yorkshire Coast Christmas Dinner Express’. King's Cross-Potters Bar-Stevenage-Peterborough-Doncaster-Scarborough and return

Dec 20. 67. ‘Shrewsbury at Christmas and Attingham Park’. Basingstoke-Farnborough-Woking-Staines-St Albans City-Bedford-Shrewsbury and return.

Dec 30. 60019. ‘The Bittern Farewell Tour’. King's Cross-Potters Bar-Stevenage-Lincoln

and return.

November 2014

Nov 8. 67 ‘The Doctor Hoo’. Waterloo-Hoo-Angerstein-Dungeness-Waterloo.

Nov 15. 395. ‘The Victoria Cross’. Victoria-Victoria via Ashford Flyover-Cannon Street and Dover.

Nov 22. EMT 125. ‘Manchester and The Christmas Markets’. St Pancras-Luton Airport Parkway-Bedford Kettering-Leicester-Manchester and return.

Nov 29. 159. ‘The Solent Victorian’. Waterloo-Woking-Portsmouth Harbour-Wooton and return.

October 2014

Oct 11. 159. ‘The Swanage Breezer’. Waterloo-Woking-Swanage and return.

September 2014

Sept 6. 67 (Chiltern). The Silver King’. Marylebone-Beaconsfield-Bridgnorth and return

Sept. 13. HST (EMT). ‘Chatsworth House & Derby 175’. St Pancras-Luton Airport Parkway-Bedford-Kettering-Derby-Chesterfield and return.

Sept 20. 34046. ‘Solent & Sarum’. Waterloo-Salisbury and return. Out direct return via Romsey and Portsmouth Direct (Havant) line.

Sept 18. 90/60. ‘Natterjack Toad’. Euston-Watford Jcn.-Milton Keynes-Rugby-Stafford- Southport and return.

Sept 20. 159. ‘Ticket to Ryde’. Waterloo-Woking-Portsmouth-Wootton and return.

Sept 27. 90. ‘City of Durham & Beamish’. King's Cross-Potters Bar-Stevenage-Peterborough-Durham and return.

June 2014

June 14. 159. ‘The Axe & Otter’. Waterloo-Woking-Basingstoke-Axminster and return for the Seaton Tramway).

June 14. 60163. ‘The White Rose 11’. King's Cross Potters Bar Stevenage Peterborough-York and return

June 21. 395. ‘The Wandering Javelin’. St Pancras-Fawkham-Dover-Victoria-St Charing Cross-Cannon Street-Pancras circular.

June 26. 92&60. ‘Fountains Abbey & Yorkshire Summer Detour’. Finsbury Park-Potters Bar-Hitchin-York-Milford Junction, Ferrybridge North Junction, Knottingley, Askern, the new Doncaster North Curve-Stainforth Junction, Goole, Gilberdyke, West Parade North Junction, Springbank North Junction, Anlaby Road Junction, Goole, Snaith, Knottingley, Castleford-York and return.

June 28. 159. ‘The Torbay & Dart Waterloo-Woking-Basingstoke-Salisbury-Kingswear and return.

May 2014

May 3. 159. ‘The Corfe Mixture’. Waterloo-Woking-Basingstoke-Bournemouth-Swanage and return.

May 8. 159. ‘The Swanage Lifeboatman’. Salisbury-Romsey-Southampton-Bournemouth-Poole-Swanage and return.

May 9. 67. ‘The Cock of the North’ (Day 1). King's Cross-Stevenage-Peterborough-Appleby-Dumbarton Central.

May 10. 67. ‘The Cock of the North’ (Day 2 - Train 1). Dumbarton Central-Fort William.

May 10. 67. ‘The Cock of the North’ (Day 2 - Train 2). Dumbarton Central-Inverness.

May 11. 67. ‘The Cock of the North’ (Day 3). Dumbarton Central-Dundee and return.

May 12. 67. ‘The Cock of the North’ (Day 4). Dumbarton Central-Edinburgh-Kings Cross.

May 17. 159. ‘The Lorna Doone’. Waterloo-Woking-Basingstoke-Salisbury-Bishops Lydeard-Minehead and return.

May 24. 34046. ‘The Solent & Sarum’. Waterloo-Salisbury-Waterloo. (Out via Basingstoke and return via Southampton and Havant.)

May 25. 67. ‘The Anglian Broads by rail’. Finsbury Park-Potters Bar-Stevenage-Cambridge-Lowestoft and return.

May 31. 159. ‘The Somerset & Dorset’. Waterloo-Woking-Basingstoke-Yeovil Junction and return.

April 2014

Apr 12. 60163. ‘The White Rose’. Kings Cross-Potters Bar-Stevenage-Peterborough-York and return.

Apr 12. 159. ‘The Avon Lady’. Waterloo-Woking-Basingstoke-Bristol Temple Meads and return.

Apr 17. 92 + 60. ‘Lancashire Hills and Coast’. Euston-Watford Junction-Milton Keynes-Rugby-Blackpool and return. UKR

April 26. 159. ‘A Ticket to Ryde’. Waterloo-Woking-Portsmouth Harbour-Wootton and return.

February 2014

February 7. HST. ‘Mallard 75 – Nearly the end!’ St Pancras-Luton Airport Parkway-Bedford-Barrow Hill-York and return.

November 2013

November 30. HST (EMT). ‘St Nicholas Fayre in York’. St Pancras-Luton Airport Parkway-Bedford-Kettering-York and return.

August 2013

Aug 10. 73/66 (GBRF). ‘A Kentish Odyssey’. Victoria-Dartford-Hoo-Dollands Moor and return.

Aug 17. 67. ‘The Marcher Lord’. Letchworth-Stevenage-Potters Bar-Finsbury Park-Watford Junction-Chester and return.


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