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November 2016

Nov 26. 2 X 47/57 (WCR). ‘The Festive Yorkshireman’. Great Yarmouth-Reedham-Norwich-Diss-Ipswich-Stowmarket-Bury St Edmunds-Cambridge-Ely-March-Peterborough-Norwich-York-Keighley-Skipton and return.

September 2016

Sept 17. 2 X 47 (WCR). ‘’. Llandudno & Ffestiniog Rambler’. Norwich-Diss-Ipswich-Stowmarket-Bury St Edmunds-Wymondham-Thetford-Cambridge-Ely-March-Peterborough-Chester- Llandudno Town-Blaenau Ffestiniog and return.

August 2016

Aug 20. 2 X 47 (WCR). ‘The Plymouth Invader’. Norwich-Wymondham-Attleborough- Thetford-Brandon-Ely-Cambridge-Royston-Hitchin-Taunton-Exter-Totnes-Plymouth and return.

July 2016

July 23. 2 X 47 (WCR). ‘Central Wales & Llangollen Explorer’. Norwich-Diss-Ipswich-Stowmarket-Bury St Edmunds-Cambridge-Ely-March-Peterborough-Stamford-Telford- Shrewsbury-Llandrindod Wells and return.

May 2016

May 28. 2 X 47 (WCR). ‘Tyne and Wear Boat Train’. Norwich-Diss-Ipswich-Stowmarket- Bury St Edmunds-Cambridge-Ely-March-Peterborough-York-Durham-Newcastle and return.

April 2016

April 16. 2 X 47 (WCR). ‘The Cotswolds Explorer’. North Walsham-Hoveton & Wroxham-Norwich-Diss-Stowmarket-Ipswich-Manningtree-Colchester-Witham-Chelmsford-Stratford-Cheltenham-Worcester and return

September 2015

Sept 19. 2 X 47 (WCR). ‘The Northern lakes Circular’. Norwich-Diss-Ipswich-Stowmarket-Bury St Edmunds-Cambridge-Ely-March-Peterborough-Appleby-Carlisle and return via Shap.

August 2015

Aug 22. 2 X 47 (WCR). ‘Buxton, Matlock & Derbyshire Dales Rover’. Norwich-Diss-Ipswich-Stowmarket-Bury St Edmunds-Cambridge-Ely-March-Peterborough-Buxton and return.

July 2015

July 18. 2 X 47 (WCR). ‘The Manchester and Liverpool Experience’. Norwich-Diss-Ipswich- Stowmarket-Bury St Edmunds-Cambridge-Ely-March-Peterborough-Liverpool-Manchester and return.

June 2015

June 20. 2 X 47 (WCR). ‘Torbay Coast Explorer’. Norwich-Diss-Stowmarket-Ipswich- Manningtree-Colchester-Witham-Chelmsford-Stratford-Exeter-Torquay-Paignton and return.

May 2015

May 16. 2 X 47 (WCR). ‘The Welsh Highlander’. Norwich-Diss-Ipswich-Stowmarket-Bury St Edmunds-Cambridge-Ely-March-Peterborough-Chester-Llandudno Junction-Bangor-Holyhead and return.

April 2015

April 18. 2 X 47 (WCR). ‘The Dean Forest Explorer’. Dereham-Norwich-Wymondham-Attleborough-Thetford-Brandon-Ely-Cambridge-Royston-Hitchin-Norwich-Bath-Bristol and return.

December 2014

Dec 6. 2 X 47 (WCR). ‘Christmas in the North Country’. North Walsham-Hoveton & Wroxham-Norwich-Diss-Ipswich-Stowmarket-Bury St Edmunds-Cambridge-Wymondham-Ely-March-Peterborough-York-Durham-Newcastle and return.

September 2014

Sept 20. 2 X 47 (WCR). ‘Settle, Carlisle & Cumbrian Coast Circular’. Norwich-Diss-Ipswich- Stowmarket-Bury St Edmunds-Cambridge-Ely-March-Peterborough-Carlisle and return. Out via Ais Gill return via Millom.

May 2014

May 31. 2 x 47 (WCR). ‘The Settle & Wensleydale Circular’. Norwich-Diss-Ipswich-Stowmarket-Bury St Edmunds-Cambridge-Ely-March-Peterborough-Appleby-Carlisle and return.

April 2014

Apr 26. 2 x 57 (WCRC). ‘The Mid-Wales Rambler’. Norwich-Diss-Ipswich- Stowmarket-Bury St Edmunds-Cambridge-Ely-March-Peterborough-Shrewsbury-Ruabon-Chester and return.

November 2013

November 30. 2 x 47 (WCRC). ‘Christmas in the North Country’. North Walsham- Hoveton & Wroxham-Norwich-Diss-Colchester-Ipswich-Stowmarket-Bury St Edmonds-Cambridge-Wymondham-Ely-March-Peterborough-Newcastle and return.

August 2013

Aug 17. 2 x 47 (WCRC). ‘Llandudno & Ffestiniog Rambler’. Norwich-Diss-Ipswich- Stowmarket-Bury St Edmunds-Wymondham-Thetford-Cambridge-Ely-March-Peterborough-Blaenau Ffestiniog and return.

June 2014

June 21. 2 x 47 (WCR). York, NYMR & Scarborough. Dereham MNR-Norwich-Wymondham-Attleborough-Thetford-Brandon-Cambridge-Ely-March-Peterborough-York-Malton-Scarborough and return.


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